Trubisky fumbles 3 snaps in practice drill and other news

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ESPN noted that 1st Rounder Trubisky fumbled three times during practice the other day! THREE TIMES! Oh man, write him up as a bust right here right now! I have scoured my team sources and found out that the top 10 draft class is already circling the drain and may be the worst draft picks ever.

1. DE Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns: Garrett tied his left shoe tighter than his right shoe having local media already wondering just how serious he is taking the game.

3. DE Solomon Thomas, San Francisco 49ers: Unnamed sources have gone on the record stating that they are worried that Thomas has been spending too much time in the bathroom. With some sources saying that he sometimes grabs a newspaper and spend 8-9 mins in there.

4. RB Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars: Fournette has been put on the bubble for apparently sneezing 4 times IN A ROW! on Thursday. He’s been warned to get his head out of his ass.

5. WR Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans: Davis broke curfew the other night as outside sources said that while strict team rules state that lights are to be out at 11 pm they noticed lights went out at 11:03 pm.

6. S Jamal Adams, New York Jets: Jamal Adams signed his contract with the Jets leaving most people to suspect that his career may already be over.

7. WR Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers: Sources claim that when Williams ran routes the other day he routinely stepped 3 inches further with his right foot than his left.

8. RB Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers: McCaffrey juked out Thomas Davis in practice the other day. Players have already named him a Practice Hero and lost all credibility with the team for trying too hard.

9. WR John Ross, Cincinnati Bengals: Ross showed up to practice on time and not 5 mins early.

10. QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes didn’t ask for seconds when he went to his teammate’s BBQ. Local pundits have said that he has already lost the locker room and may never get it back.

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King Hippo

if there’s one thing you would expect a U*NC guy to be able to do, it’s hold onto balls.


Dammit, you beat me to it.


7. WR Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers: Sources claim that when Williams ran routes the other day he routinely stepped 3 inches further with his right foot than his left.

To be fair, that *was* the death knell for Joe Theismann’s career.


Anyone named Mike Williams is good in my book.

-Matt Millen


Ouch. Nice.
(Lawrence Taylor does not like this, -1)