Your Lazy, Hazy Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

Let’s get right down to business, shall we? TO THE GAMES!


Browns fans: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could pull off two wins in a row.”

Browns 37 Missed Tackles: “I’m not sure we can do that fellas. The odds aren’t that good.”

Raiders League-low 3 Sacks: “I think if this Mayfield kid doesn’t get rushed in the pocket, maybe he can do some things.”

/can’t help but think that this one will be an ugly affair


Here’s a silly stat-them Seahawks haven’t had a road September win in five freakin’ years. Perhaps the return of wr Baldwin will contribute to the end of the streak. Or perhaps what will tilt things for the road team is the fact that the Cards D allows opposing qb’s to complete passes at a 70%+ clip.


The fantasy play here is wr Shepard. Outside of cb Lattimore the Saints secondary is a travestylaughingstock. The cb2 spot is occupied by two nobodies that take turns getting the start, getting yanked and then getting put back in because the other sucks so badly. Plus te Engram is out so more targets to get. As of today, Eli is completing 80% of his aimed throws! (passes that aren’t intentionally ditched) I blame Saquon and his generational talent.


The Curse of The Cougar Hunter manifests itself once again! This time in the form of Jimmy G’s leg going all kablooie. Qb C.J. will need all of Matt Breida’s 5.4 yards per carry to help keep the pressure off.

Type like a million monkeys trying to write a novel.

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Lord shanklor please bless us with a tie


You know what sucks? Driving on I-95 on Sundays.

Col. Duke LaCross

Redzone just cut away from it.


so they gonna fuck the browns on another replay, right?


Can usually just let nature take it’s course


of course the browns have had multiple ties before


If that was a QB, that DB would be hung from the gallows until dead.


HE’S still in the league?!?!