DFO Radio: Outright Thievery

Good morning/afternoon!  It's Monday and it's time for DFO Radio, so let's get this show on the...hey, where the hell's the road? DAMNIT, BROCK! It's another rainy day here in Los Angeles, which apparently means God is crying yet again.  I guess he heard about what happened in Sweden.  I hope everybody

Start Or Sit (On Your Face): The DFO Fantasy/Sex Mailbag

Mmmm. Tryptophan. A hell of a drug. Hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgivings yesterday, and kept the hand-to-hand combat to a minimum between yesterday's family gatherings and today's moronic Black Friday deals! Anyways, enough shoehorning topical #content into the intro. We need to talk essentials here. My takeaways from yesterday's matchups: Chip