Infinite Nets Week 18: All Star Week

As God is my witness, there was nothing that I could have done, honey. It's a short week. The Nets entered it having lost all of their rhythm with Spencer Dinwiddie, however they were getting other players back, and the break was coming. Like a fighter waiting for the bell, they

Infinite Nets Week 17: Getting Back To Full Strength

Alright, we've got Caris back and are playing the Bulls. No way this doesn't work out. The Nets started the week down a few key players and ended it with a few of them back. However they also fell back a game in the win loss column. I guess I'll take

Infinite Nets Week 16: Chaos

God, Jared Goff fucking blows. There are no free lunches. I had been handed a car, a prehistoric 2004 Toyota Prius that allows me the freedom to leave the city, and the promise of better summers, so long as I can keep it running. But even free cars come with their

Infinite Nets Week 15: A New York Centric Week

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, everybody.  Wait, is that right? Can you have a Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day, or is that crass? I'm not selling mattresses here. Do I have to go with Solemn Martin Luther King Jr Day? Is it all too soon? This is going horribly. Hey everybody,

Infinite Nets Game 1: Starved For Attention

Let's do this at the height of our intelligence. I don't come here to drag the Brooklyn Nets. I come in the name of creating content, and to do so I require a gimmick. For too long have I been freelancing without my very own safety net, so in this home