The 9 Circles of Leasts 08/07/2015

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First Circle (Limbo) – Arian Foster’s shredded groin and Michael Floyd’s broken fingers, both will miss most of the first half of the season.

Second Circle (Lust) –  Nothing like a lover scorned and Brandon Marshall’s finger pointing lands him here. (Side note the Jet’s streak continues everyone!)

Third Circle (Gluttony) –  Buffalo Bills don’t have a competent QB corp. Their GM says they may be in Quarterback Purgatory, but I disagree.

Fourth Circle (Greed) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers launched a new effort to help teach women about football in ways that would make most Republican Candidate proud. Not to mention late edition of Aldon Smith’s act of Greed for Speed.

Fifth Circle (Anger) –  Jadevon Clowney’s dad David “Chili Bean” Morgan’s  impersonation of Pac-Man Jones

Sixth Circle (Heresy) – Ben Volin and the Boston Globe for tweeting out the Colts emails without editing the emails. Bad Form

Seventh Circle (Violence) – DeSean Jackson’s battle with the blocking sled. Sad thing is the blocking sled probably landed more hits than the

Eight Circle (Fraud) – Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon’s attempted slap fight. If you are going to fight… fight.

Ninth Circle (Treachery)Goodell  Uproxx Goodell Ballghazi thing is a nightmare and Dreamboat could walk unpunished for cheating on technicalities because you were not smart enough to try and at least pretend like there was an independent investigation.

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Well done! I do love these so!

Teddy's Bridge Over Troubled Water
Teddy's Bridge Over Troubled Water

But which circle involves Peter King naked and slathered in baby oil seductively delivering hot taeks for all eternity?

Doktor Zymm

You know, it’s a good thing there isn’t a circle for stupidity. There would be severe crowding issues.


Here’s a 10th level of hell if you’re a fan of Donald Trump and people of that ilk:

Michael Sam is making his CFL debut to(u)night, eh?

No word if Montreal will forfeit because the distraction is too much.


Is that on ‘Murrican tv? Could almost be rivebrogable.


Last I checked, you could get CFL games on ESPN 3, the online channel.


This particular game will be on ESPN2 I believe.


It is! It should be on ESPN 2, maybe 3 and definitely the ocho.