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Welcome to another Tuesday edition of DFO Radio!  Last week’s Request Line was rushed because I was on my way to a wedding weekend in Montecito.  It was a lovely affair; the bride and groom are lovely people and the only thing anyone could complain about with regards to the affair would be their hangover.  Which I’ve sufficiently recovered from, so I won’t even speak ill of that.  An interesting thing about the wedding; the musician Yo Yo Ma is friends with the mother of the bride so he played the ceremony.  Could you imagine being a musician working the wedding circuit and being told “oh, Yo Yo Ma is going to sit in with you on this one”?  Seems like it would be pretty thrilling, not unlike the famous incident where fan Scott Halpin got pulled out of the crowd to play with The Who after Keith Moon passed out.

Despite my own Keith Moon imitation (i.e. showing up incapacitated to your own gig) you folks came through in a huge way.  Because it amuses me so much, I’m designating BrettFavresColonoscopy’s pick of Buddy Rich going head to head with the Muppets’ Animal as the Request of the Week.  Be sure to tune in this Friday for the season’s final edition of Request Line!

As always, here’s the Spotify link – a little light this week since some many of the requests were from live performances.  Enjoy!




Law-abiding Raiders fan, pet owner, Los Angeles resident.

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Late in the Evening is an inspired choice. Steve Gadd has chops. I tried to post a few songs, but they kept getting swallowed by the comment section. It would have made the list a little too TOOL heavy, so its all good.


Never too late to share your tunes….


There’s some seriously good shit on that list.

Nice job folks!


“Sure, Buddy Rich is great at slapping skins, but it’s easier when they’re not resisting.”

– Jerry Sandusky


yaaaay, I’m number one!

Unrelated, I’m really excited to listen to this one.

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

Same here. Glancing through, this is an awesome looking playlist.

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