LAST CALL! Pats – Iggles #SB52 Open Thread

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Well well… WELL. This being a Sunday afternoon, Hate Week is no more.


And yet, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, again. No. 1 seed in the AFC against the Iggles, No. 1 seed in the NFC. Philadelphia is riding a weekend high, after the Hall of Fame selection of Brian Dawkins. And Terrell Owens; say what you will about T.O. (there’s plenty). The guy balled.

John Clayton, 2/6/05 via

That was back in Super Bowl XXwhatever. This time around, Philadelphia has a damn fine roster, notably better than New England’s—in most positions. The one really at stake, well…

Tron Brady: what has NOT being said about him? I heard talk about his career thoroughly eclipsing those of all-time NFL greats, to the point that Brady’s true peers are in other sports—like Gordie Howe, Michael Jordan, or Barry Bonds.

The coaching: what has not being said about Bill Belichick. His assistants have been living the life, getting the Pats to the Super Bowl while being the presumptive new head coaches of the Clots (Josh McDaniels) and Loins (Matt Patricia). Losing to this Eagles team will not hurt their bona fides.

On the Philly sideline, QB coach John DeFilippo has gotten interest from several teams. Super Bowl host Minnesota needs a new offensive coordinator, so DeFlip can’t ask for a better Pro Day. The way Foles stepped aside around the pocket against the Vikings D in the last game bodes well for the coach and QB.

The focus on the Eagles has been on making a game plan that Nick Foles would execute without difficulty, putting success in the hands of Agholor, Ajayi, Blount, Ertz, and Jeffrey. They good. Shit, even Torrey Smith can still force a defense to account for him. So Foles has options, but the question remains: what will he do when confronted with the chance to audible?


Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, this guy,


has also been updating his résumé. He’s got a dynamite roster too, including Chris Long—who won the Super Bowl last year with New England. With LeGarrette Blount providing the debriefing for the Pats offense, I’d say the Iggles got prettay, prettay good mojo going into the game. A shame it’s played in the Birdmurderdome.


So the NFC aviary has been owned in Super Bowls of late, with the Pats doing most of the damage. Big deal. I think the Eagles break the hex, 27-24, and the promise of a New Era will carry us through the goddamn offseason.

Then again, this is New England. Any HATAHs might wanna try something stronger than alcohol.


Last day of the season! Let it out.

Don T
Don T
Poor choices, mixed results. ¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre! Titans4Eva
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I got so excited about the result that lady snow actually cut me off.


You guys still up? I did the technology thing:

“he said some stuff after the interception but Shit I thought that was my fault!”



I want to believe this is real. IASIP theme played over the BIRDMURDERDOME P.A.


It was real – I heard it too.

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