NFL Speakeasy Stories: True Inspiration

A Nondescript Contemporary Hotel Bar, 3rd Level. 2:47 am, October 19, 2015. A ginger-haired Princeton man sits at the bar on the corner stool nursing a Perrier and cucumber. He takes a sip and is jerked up straight, sucking on his tongue and drawing back his lips with a grimace. He does not typically bastardize the taste of his

NFL Speakeasy Stories: History Repeating

Wilson & Wilson, The Tenderloin. 2:47 am, September 30, 2015. A man sits alone in the center booth of the bar-within-a-bar, waiting patiently for his appointment. From the Bayou to the Bay, it had been less that 17 hours since his colleague (well, former colleague these days, he supposed) called and asked that

NFL Speakeasy Stories: In The Blue

The Noble Experiment, San Diego's East Village. 2:47 am, September 11th, 2015 A man sits in a corner booth where, other than his initial order, "Dealer's Choice", he has not spoken a word since arriving at 9:00 pm. Whatever the choice was that the waitress brought him -- and has continued

NFL Speakeasy Stories: The Future of Fred

Angel's Share, East Village. 2:47 am, September 1st, 2015 A man sits in a corner booth with a Microsoft Surface™ Tablet. He has been seated in the shadows -- though many might define even the lightest sections of this establishment as a shadow, so what does that make the man's corner? --