Hard Knocks: Fare Thee Well Intrepid Traveler


We bid adieu to another installment of Hard Knocks. Last preseason game and final round of cuts should feature prominently tonight.

Good bye Houston, I hope you enjoy your inevitable 9-7 season because of your lack of a front line QB in an age that practically exclusively favors that position to the detriment of other play styles.

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Don T

I read the Outside The Lines report. My takeaways: several retractions, Rams allowing loiterers in Pats gear prior to the Super Bowl, and Steelers keeping the same signals throughout the season for the AFC Champ. Point is: no one brings cheating onto oneself, but if the Pats tactics were effective in those games (a big IF), those teams’ lassitude helped the outcome–especially if the Pats’ cheating ways were already known.
A blemished reputation seems like an appropriate punishment for the Pats. Bad thing is, that makes most of their fans way douchier. No one denies this.

Horatio Cornblower

So I just finished drafting in Sill’s InsanOmatic 20 team league and looked over and saw an empty bottle of Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin; and picked it up to toss in the recycle bin like the good little tree-hugger I am and it turned out it was still half full!



Yeah, that league is insane. I’m projected to have 230 points in week one. WTF?

Horatio Cornblower

I got a D for the draft. So I’m pretty much the league champion in waiting.


How the hell did they manage to cut EVERYONE they featured other than Watt & Wilfork? What a shitty season.


Is this an open thread? If so, I am in Portland of the Oregon variety and am downtown without a car (ie for work). It is hot. I walked to a Rogue Hall. Every other time I have been here I have had a car. So I guess I am asking what else can I do downtown, people who know Portland?


I am definitely in Portland. Every TV has on the Mexico v. Argentina game. And the stereo is playing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And my waiter looks like Paul Giamatti, but with dragoned themed tattoo sleeves.


There is a huge dog (Grand Perenese) here now, and I ordered siracha stout tacos. Getting close to peak Portland.

Col. Duke LaCross

Getting asked for spare change by an eighteen year old while standing in line at Voodoo Doughnut should push you over the edge.


So many bums in Portland, and Seattle, and San Fransisco. The West Coast’s secret shame. Fwiw, voodoo is overrated. I know the local spots here from the last couple times. But none are downtown.


Oh shit, how long you in town for? OSZ is still Frenching the French out of things, but if you’re here Thurs night, let’s meet for beers.


I am going to Astoria on Thursday. Maybe tomorrow?


Well shit, I got conf calls tonight – strategically placed for Weds so that I can get drunk watching football on Thurs.

Sometimes, I’m S-M-R-T like that.


No problem. I will hit you up next time.


Huh. Must have missed this show.