No Ones 2017 – Texans Preview

There is a phenomenon you may have heard of called the Mandela Effect. This is the scariest thing you will find on the internet and the more you think about it the more you will be for internet censorship to keep these people away from each other. The internet has

The Bachelor: NFL Edition

                  CHRIS HARRISON: Good evening, and welcome to a very special episode of The Bachelor. I'm your host, Chris Harrison, and thank you for tuning in to see if some lucky lads and ladies can find love. And our contestants are very lucky indeed, as they will be vying for the love,

The 2016 “Houston Texans” Preview

    George Berkeley was an eighteenth-century Irish philosopher who's primarily known for his ideas on immaterialism (later known as "subjective idealism"). This idea is that visible objects, even the world itself, only exist in the mind that perceives them. It is certainly counter-intuitive but contains a valuable insight that has been passed on

The Texan Football Experiment

In 2013, researchers at the University of Houston exposed five people to an entire season of some of the worst football of all time. Promising potential subjects the opportunity to watch every minute of an all-time great season by a generational defensive football talent, rent-free and supplied with endless barbecue,

The Tale of The Texan

A few years ago, on Halloween night, a lovely young lady consented to accompany me on a date. HEY, COME BACK, THAT'S NOT THE SCARY PART! After a romantic dinner at Sizzler, we drove to Lovers’ Lane so I could work off that five slices of cheese toast. It was at a


“I Would Like A Selfie” For context: Outside of a small town in Central Texas was a supposed haunted house. This house was surrounded by a relatively thick woods, and had been abandoned for untold years. Local children had learned legends of how every night, a severed head would fall down its decrepit chimney. A

I Am Irsay: Indianapolis Colts 2015 Preview

[DFO Claimer: this preview was handled mainly by Covalent Blonde with me peppering in some insanity. Giddy up.] /lights Marlboro Red Ya'll wanna hear 'Freebird'? I am Irsay. Out of the last 15 years, my Colts have made playoff appearances in all but two seasons.  In fact, since 2012, Indianapolis has been steered by