Nine Circles of Leasts – Preseason – Week 4 – Special Edition

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First Circle (Limbo) – P is for Patella. Victor Cruz hurt his knee and is questionable for week 1

Second Circle (Lust) – A is for Andy’s Alleged Attempted Asphyxiation. Way to go Browns

Third Circle (Gluttony) – T is for Tebow getting cut… It just feels too good for it not to be bad for you

Fourth Circle (Greed) – R is for RGIII staying. Fueling hours upon hours of “Would you rather have Tebow or RGIII” banter

Fifth Circle (Anger) – I is for Ikemefuna Enemkpali. Sure the Bills cut you, but at least Gino won’t press charges.

Sixth Circle (Heresy) – O is for Oh, won’t you look at all these promising RB’s not on teams; Trent Richardson, Monte Ball, and Pierre Thomas.

Seventh Circle (Violence) – T is for Texas Teens Targeting Troubled Ref.

Eight Circle (Fraud) – S is for Spelling out the name of the greatest frauds in football today.

Ninth Circle (Treachery) – Goodell. Seriously f#ck fire this guy.

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This was awesome. Great job!


I thought we were into telling, not spelling?

Don T

Well, is this gonna be the season they finish 9-7? Are they capable of a Super Bowl hangover? Is there at last too much talent drain and baggage and Brady being 38? I londa see it.

Don T

Damn sausage fongers and impulsiveness

Senor Weaselo

“More power to Goodell? All right, you got it!” -NFL owners


It’s like Satan gave us the Patriots, but God snuck in schadenfreude at the last second.

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

Not enough. Never enough.


Could God create a team so loathsome that even He can’t root for them?


The Philadelphia Flyers.