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Well, it finally happened. Forty years in the making, back in the same old stomping grounds as the last one. Both games with incredibly dramatic conclusions which will stick in the minds of fans watching for many years to come. It was a long, long time coming, and a ridiculously nervous night for me, but for the first since 1976, an Ottawa CFL franchise has finally brought home a Grey Cup.

Before I recap the game, I just wanted to take a minute to explain just how much this win means to me, and to the rest of the city as well. Historically, Ottawa has not often been viewed as a city of major interest or high regard; as a capital city, we’ve always been far sleepier than such cosmopolitan destinations as London, Paris, or even Washington, DC. Hell, even in our own country, Ottawa has consistently played second fiddle to Toronto and Montreal, both far larger in population size and national (and international) stature. It’s been viewed much as it’s always been: a government city full of bureaucrats with a love for red tape, a disdain for change, and previously, a lack of arts and culture present in many other cities of similar size.

That’s not to say that I’m trying to paint a picture of a Boston-like “FACK YOU WE AHH FACKIN’ UNDAHDAWGS” or any such sort of thing. As Ottawans, we’re not asking for sympathy, pity, anything of the sort. Things are the way they are, and by and large, most folks are pretty alright with that. What DOES grind my gears, along with many others’, however, is the notion that Ottawa sports fans don’t care, or that they’ll only support a winner. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth – while winning is always awesome, and nobody would ever disagree with that, the previous decades have been marred by so much indifference and malaise from various ownership groups that this is such an amazingly refreshing and energizing change, as a sports fan in general.

In forty years, we’ve seen the death of not one, but two football franchises in this city, one of which had been around for 120 years when the Rough Riders collapsed in ’96. The last few years of the team were sad – the losing was no fun, but the callous indifference of ownership during this era was what drove away so many passionate fans. From Bernie & Lonie Glieberman, who were staggeringly nepotistic and threatened relocation to the United States from the moment they bought the original team, to Horn Chen, a Chicago businessman who never once even set foot in Ottawa during the tenure of his ownership, it was impossible for fans to have any confidence whatsoever in supporting a franchise run by a bunch of malevolent, uncaring dipshits.

All of this has changed now. The ownership group are all Ottawa businessmen and residents, and they’re firmly committed to making football work. From community outreach, to major renovations to the stadium, to creating an entire new development of residential, commercial and community-use properties, the REDBLACKS are here to stay, and fans have responded in kind. The team sold out every game they played at home this year, and fans are travelling in droves to see the team on the road as well. Add in the excellent TV deal the CFL currently enjoys with national broadcaster TSN and it’s clear that the financial situation is better than ever before. It helps having a management team in place that also knows a thing or two about football as well.

As such, this Grey Cup win was forty years of vindication for fans. Treat fans with the respect they deserve, and they’ll respond in kind to supporting the team. Even in a 2-16 inaugural season, the promise of great things to come kept fans’ rapt attention, and it’s clear to see that years and years of hard work have finally paid off in spades for the franchise. All my life I’ve heard about Russ Jackson’s rocket arm, and Tony Gabriel’s catch from Tom Clements, and all of the other Ottawa football history in between; I’m so glad I’ve finally had the chance to witness some positive memories for myself now. I’m already looking forward to attending the 2017 Grey Cup here at home, and I really hope the REDBLACKS return for their third kick at the can.


Calgary 33 vs. Ottawa 39 (OT): Holy. Fucking Hell. Talk about an upset for the ages. The Stampeders were 10.5-point favourites heading into this one, a huge margin. And their carefully constructed game plan ended up blowing up in their face. Before the game even began, there was a ton of drama with the news that the REDBLACKS’ Henry Burris had tweaked his knee during warmups and was limping off back to the locker room; all signs pointed to Trevor Harris getting the start in the biggest game of the season. And then, all of a sudden, Burris was back. After a bunch of painkillers and a knee brace installed, the 41-year-old quarterback led his team out to the huddle after the Ottawa defense forced a two-and-out on Calgary’s first drive.

First Quarter

After forcing the Stamps to punt, the REDBLACKS got rolling, putting their first points on the board with a long drive that ended in a quarterback keep and Burris punching it in at the goal line. Calgary responded, however, on their next possession; Mitchell hit Marquay McDaniel for a big 51-yard gain over the middle, and then threw a slant to RB Jerome Messam to then knot things back up at 7. Ottawa rounded out the first with a 37-yard field goal from Ray Early to re-take the lead, 10-7. Unfortunately for the Stamps, McDaniel left after the first with a shoulder injury, and didn’t return – a big loss to Calgary to have their top receiver unavailable.

Second Quarter

And then all of a sudden, Ottawa gave themselves some more breathing room. Ottawa punted, but Calgary return man Roy Finch fumbled on the run-back, putting the ball back into REDBLACK control. Burris hit fullback Patrick Lavoie on a play-action pass to the left that made it 17-7. The teams traded turnovers in the second – a fumble from REDBLACKS RB Travon Van and a high floating pick from Mitchell. Mitchell would add another soon afterwards, though fortunately for the Stampeders, all it ended up doing was killing the clock, and not counting for any points against. Another field goal from Early, a 29-yard chip shot, made it 20-7 as the REDBLACKS took a 13-point lead into the half.


Apparently One Republic was playing. I value my sanity, so I didn’t watch.

Third Quarter

Ottawa received to start the second half, and Burris got to work again. Another solid drive ended in a nine-yard toss to Brad Sinopoli to make it 27-7 Ottawa. That 20-point deficit was the largest that Calgary had seen all year along. However, the wheels were starting to come off the bus for the REDBLACKS in this quarter. After a field goal by Rene Paredes to make it 27-10 and a couple stalled drives by Ottawa, the Stampeders finally responded with another major; Lemar Durant was hit in the slot, and tucked and rolled with the ball; he ended up getting up and running 33 yards into the end zone after making the catch. The REDBLACKS were furious and challenged that he was down by contact, but video review showed that he hadn’t been touched at all, and the fact he got up unimpeded allowed the score to stand. An extra point later, and it was 27-17, Ottawa.

Fourth Quarter

Ottawa was fifteen minutes away from a stunning upset victory, but they entered the home stretch on their heels. Calgary took possession again at the start of the fourth, and made it even closer with backup QB Andrew Buckley rushing for a 1-yard TD at the goal line. A missed extra point, however, meant it remained 27-23 REDBLACKS. Needing something, anything to give themselves a little bit of distance, Burris then tossed his only interception of the game on the very next series, with an overthrown pass to Juron Criner getting picked off. Fortunately, Ottawa limited the damage, and Calgary punted it away. Burris then recovered on the next possession, hooking up with Criner for big 22- and 38-yard gains to put Ottawa in striking distance again. Burris then punched it in again for his second rushing TD of the game. 33-23, REDBLACKS.

The Stamps then made some absolute magic happen in the final two minutes of the game. Mitchell, reeling after tossing his third interception of the game on the series after Burris put Ottawa up by 10, regained his composure, and drove Calgary down the field. Rookie DaVaris Daniel, from 3rd and 2 at the Ottawa 19, then ran in a touchdown to put the Stamps within 3. 38 seconds remained.

Out came the onside kick, and out came the hands team. It looked like Ottawa had it, initially, but Brad Sinopoli couldn’t keep control of it, and the ball popped out and the Stamps pounced. They managed enough field position that they marched again to the goal line, but on 2nd and 1, with Andrew Buckley swinging to the right for another touchdown run, CB Abdul Kanneh came down hard, stretched out, and barely tagged his ankle. Buckley went down, short of the goal, and Calgary was forced to kick the field goal to tie it at 33.

It was around about this time that I think I stopped breathing.


The CFL’s overtime rules differ from the NFL’s; both teams start from the 35, and have one possession each. If the score is tied, then the teams keep playing indefinitely until it’s broken. Calgary won the coin toss, and elected to defend first in order to assess the number of points needed to win.

After a couple plays that put Ottawa to the 19, the ghosts of 1976 came knocking. On second and nine, Henry Burris drew back, fired, and hit East Division MOP candidate Ernest Jackson with a bullet. Jackson bobbled it… once… twice… three times… but managed to finally reel it in, and Ottawa re-gained the lead, 39-33. Burris then tried to follow it up with a two-point conversion, but the corner route to Khalil Paden went wide. Calgary needed six to continue the game, and seven to win.

However, after some amazing luck and incredible determination to come back from twenty points down, the Stampeders’ luck ran out. After three incomplete passes at the 35, the REDBLACKS were Grey Cup Champions, for the first time in 40 years.

In a losing effort, Mitchell did throw 3 interceptions, but also threw for 391 yards on 28-38 passing and two touchdowns.

The most valuable Canadian of the match was REDBLACKS wide receiver Brad Sinopoli, who had six catches for 94 yards and a touchdown, a real feather in his cap and more hardware to add to his trophy case, as 2015 Most Outstanding Canadian, 2010 Hec Crighton Trophy winner as top football player in the Canadian university system, and a 2014 Grey Cup championship with the Stampeders.

It was Henry Burris, however, who had the game of his life in this one. Playing on one knee, which he revealed he’ll need surgery on this offseason, he threw for 461 yards and three touchdowns, and rushed for two more as well. It was a superhuman performance, and if it does indeed prove to be the final game of Henry Burris’ career, he’ll end a Hall Of Fame career as an absolute legend in Ottawa.


BC Lions

Season Record: 12-6 (2nd in West; lost in West Final to CGY)

Home Record: 6-3

Away Record: 6-3

Divisional Record: 5-5

Total Points: 545

Total Passing Yards: 5456

Total Passing TDs: 29

Total Rushing Yards: 2082

Total Rushing TDs: 23

Total Turnovers: 33

Leading Passer: J. Jennings (18 GP, 5226 yards, 371-554 pass attempts, 67% completion rate, 27 TD, 15 INT, 102.2 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: J. Johnson (11 GP, 809 yards, 138 carries, 5.9 yards per carry, 7 TD)

Leading Receiver: E. Arcenaux (18 GP, 1566 yards, 105 catches, 13 TD)

Leading Kick returner: C. Rainey (18 GP, 1359 yards, 58 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: C. Rainey (18 GP, 942 yards, 68 returns, 2 TD)

Leading Tackler: S. Elimimian (18 GP, 129)

Leading Pass interceptor: M. Edem (15 GP, 2)

Leading Sacker: A. Bazzie (16 GP, 11)

Leading Field goal kicker: R. Leone (18 GP, 35/51, 68.6%, longest 52 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • How can Jon Jennings cut down on the number of interceptions thrown next season? Leading the league in that category is always going to be a big liability.
  • What can be done to get past Calgary next year? The Stamps remain the team to beat in the West, and BC succeeded at the start of the year, but results against Calgary continued to decline throughout the season, ending in the shellacking in the West Final.
  • With Richie Leone, a strong punter and mediocre placekicker, losing field goal duties, and the re-signing of 46-year-old Canadian Paul McCallum to a roster spot, will a stronger field goal kicker help to put the Lions over the top in close games next year?

Calgary Stampeders

Season Record: 15-2-1 (1st in West; lost in Grey Cup to OTT)

Home Record: 9-0

Away Record: 6-2-1

Divisional Record: 9-1

Total Points: 586

Total Passing Yards: 5655

Total Passing TDs: 32

Total Rushing Yards: 1744

Total Rushing TDs: 21

Total Turnovers: 26

Leading Passer: B. Mitchell (17 GP, 5385 yards, 412-606 pass attempts, 68% completion rate, 32 TD, 8 INT, 107.9 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: J. Messam (18 GP, 1198 yards, 206 carries, 5.8 yards per carry, 11 TD)

Leading Receiver: M. McDaniel (16 GP, 1074 yards, 83 catches, 4 TD)

Leading Kick returner: R. Finch (16 GP, 1060 yards, 43 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: R. Finch (16 GP, 993 yards, 71 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Tackler: D. Mayo (15 GP, 77)

Leading Pass Interceptor: J. Wall (18 GP, 4)

Leading Sacker: C. Hughes (16 GP, 16)

Leading Field goal kicker: R. Paredes (18 GP, 56/64, 87.5%, longest 52 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • How do you avoid a collapse like this again? After an unbelievable regular season, Calgary choked in the Grey Cup; much of the blame falls on Bo Levi Mitchell throwing three interceptions all at crucial points. What needs to be done to not only forget the disappointment of this season, but re-set and allow the team to be more mentally tough for the coming year?
  • The offensive line had an outstanding year, and many are due raises based on their stellar performance. Can the Stamps make space to bring them all back? They did an excellent job at run blocking, in particular, opening holes for Jerome Messam to go for over 1100 yards this year.

Edmonton Eskimos

Season Record: 10-8 (4th in West; crossed over to East playoffs; lost in East Final to OTT)

Home Record: 5-4

Away Record: 5-4

Divisional Record: 5-5

Total Points: 549

Total Passing Yards: 5922

Total Passing TDs: 32

Total Rushing Yards: 1867

Total Rushing TDs: 21

Total Turnovers: 30

Leading Passer: M. Reilly (17 GP, 5554 yards, 448-633 pass attempts, 70.8% completion rate, 28 TD, 12 INT, 104.5 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: J. White (14 GP, 886 yards, 164 carries, 5.4 yards per carry, 8 TD)

Leading Receiver: A. Bowman (17 GP, 1761 yards, 120 catches, 9 TD)

Leading Kick returner: K. Doe (13 GP, 937 yards, 45 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: K. Doe (13 GP, 437 yards, 56 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Tackler: D. Lacey (18 GP, 87)

Leading Pass Interceptor: D. Lacey (18 GP, 3)

Leading Sacker: A. Sewell (15 GP, 11)

Leading Field goal kicker: S. Whyte (18 GP, 45/48, 93.8%, longest 52 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • Derel Walker is likely to head to the NFL next year, so how can the team replace his 1500+ passing yards and 10 touchdowns on the year?
  • How can the secondary be improved?
  • How can we bolster the line so Mike Reilly has another stellar year?

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Season Record: 5-13 (5th in West; missed playoffs)

Home Record: 3-6

Away Record: 2-7

Divisional Record: 1-9

Total Points: 350

Total Passing Yards: 5016

Total Passing TDs: 16

Total Rushing Yards: 1335

Total Rushing TDs: 11

Total Turnovers: 42

Leading Passer: D. Durant (15 GP, 3839 yards, 330-496 pass attempts, 66.5% completion rate, 14 TD, 7 INT, 93.5 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: C. Steele (7 GP, 3148 yards, 54 carries, 5.8 yards per carry, 0 TD)

Leading Receiver: N. Roosevelt (11 GP, 1095 yards, 76 catches, 2 TD)

Leading Kick returner: J. Craig (7 GP, 326 yards, 20 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: J. Craig (7 GP, 359 yards, 33 returns, 1 TD)

Leading Tackler: O. Foster (18 GP, 71)

Leading Pass Interceptor: J. Cox (15 GP, 4)

Leading Sacker: A. Leonard (14 GP, 5)

Leading Field goal kicker: T. Crapigna (16 GP, 36/42, 85.7%, longest 53 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • Will Darian Durant re-sign in Saskatchewan? He’s the catalyst to Saskatchewan’s offence, and would be a big loss if he walks.
  • How can the highly porous offensive line be improved? Durant got pummeled last year and it was a major hit to the Roughriders’ chances.
  • What can Chris Jones do as head coach to bring better defensive strategy to the personnel he’s got? There’s some good potential here but a re-organization is likely needed.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Season Record: 11-7 (3rd in West; lost in West Semifinal to BC)

Home Record: 4-5

Away Record: 7-2

Divisional Record: 5-5

Total Points: 497

Total Passing Yards: 5172

Total Passing TDs: 24

Total Rushing Yards: 1595

Total Rushing TDs: 13

Total Turnovers: 29

Leading Passer: M. Nichols (15 GP, 3666 yards, 327-471 pass attempts, 69.4% completion rate, 18 TD, 9 INT, 97.1 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: A. Harris (15 GP, 974 yards, 195 carries, 5 yards per carry, 4 TD)

Leading Receiver: W. Dressler (14 GP, 1004 yards, 80 catches, 2 TD)

Leading Kick returner: Q. McDuffie (13 GP, 1165 yards, 42 returns, 2 TD)

Leading Punt returner: K. Fogg (18 GP, 754 yards, 53 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Tackler: K. Bass (17 GP, 82)

Leading Pass Interceptor: M. Leggett (17 GP, 7)

Leading Sacker: J. Westerman (16 GP, 8)

Leading Field goal kicker: J. Medlock (18 GP, 60/68, 88.2%, longest 58 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • If he chooses can Matt Nichols handle the workload of being a full-season starter for the first time in his career? Will the Bombers re-sign Kevin Glenn to back him up, at the high price he’s likely going to ask?
  • Weston Dressler will be back at WR for next year, but what will the Blue Bombers do for depth behind him and RB Andrew Harris?
  • Can a “bend-but-don’t-break” defense be competitive again this season? Winnipeg led the league in picks this year, but gave up a ton of yards in the process.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Season Record: 7-11 (2nd in East; lost in East Semifinal to EDM)

Home Record: 3-6

Away Record: 4-5

Divisional Record: 5-3

Total Points: 507

Total Passing Yards: 5834

Total Passing TDs: 34

Total Rushing Yards: 1205

Total Rushing TDs: 13

Total Turnovers: 44

Leading Passer: Z. Collaros (10 GP, 2938 yards, 232-347 pass attempts, 66.9% completion rate, 18 TD, 8 INT, 100.8 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: C.J. Gable (15 GP, 693 yards, 126 carries, 5.5 yards per carry, 3 TD)

Leading Receiver: A. Fantuz (16 GP, 1059 yards, 101 catches, 5 TD)

Leading Kick returner: B. Banks (16 GP, 1245 yards, 55 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: B. Banks (16, GP 588 yards, 61 returns, 1 TD)

Leading Tackler: S. Lawrence (17 GP, 89)

Leading Pass Interceptor: E. Davis (17 GP, 5)

Leading Sacker: J. Chick (17 GP, 14)

Leading Field goal kicker: B. Maher (18 GP, 41/50, 82%, longest 58 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • Injuries were a major issue this season; how can the team stay healthier next year?
  • With Andy Fantuz suffering a serious knee injury, how will the team figure out a way to replace his productivity for much of next season, and how will they figure a way to get him under the salary cap when he returns?
  • Will a full season of Zach Collaros mean a return to dominance?

Toronto Argonauts

Season Record: 5-13 (4th in East; missed playoffs)

Home Record: 2-7

Away Record: 3-6

Divisional Record: 3-5

Total Points: 383

Total Passing Yards: 4697

Total Passing TDs: 28

Total Rushing Yards: 1569

Total Rushing TDs: 7

Total Turnovers: 51

Leading Passer: R. Ray (9 GP, 2397 yards, 222-298 pass attempts, 74.5% completion rate, 15 TD, 6 INT, 106.1 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: B. Whitaker (18 GP, 1009 yards, 186 carries, 5.4 yards per carry, 3 TD)

Leading Receiver: K. Shaw (17 GP, 1004 yards, 77 catches, 5 TD)

Leading Kick returner: D. Wylie (13 GP, 485 yards, 26 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: L. Taylor (7 GP, 3778 yards, 36 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Tackler: C. Greenwood (12 GP, 70)

Leading Pass Interceptor: A. Jefferson (11 GP, 3)

Leading Sacker: S. Lemon (15 GP, 14)

Leading Field goal kicker: L. Hajrullahu (18 GP, 37/42, 88.1%, longest 53 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • Will Ricky Ray retire or not? If he doesn’t, is he ok with staying in a backup role at this point in his career?
  • Will Drew Willy manage to learn the playbook and become the franchise QB the Argos figured him to be when they traded for him? Early viewings are definitely not encouraging at this point.
  • Who will be signed to replace the receivers cut this year?
  • From a financial perspective, ownership has to be disappointed with poor attendance at a newly renovated stadium that was supposed to be a renaissance of the CFL in Toronto. How can they renew interest in the team? How can the Argos compete in a large market that also has the NHL, NBA and MLB? When are finances considered truly in dire straits?


Season Record: 8-9-1 (1st in East; won Grey Cup)

Home Record: 2-6-1

Away Record: 6-3

Divisional Record: 5-3

Total Points: 486

Total Passing Yards: 6191

Total Passing TDs: 30

Total Rushing Yards: 1691

Total Rushing TDs: 13

Total Turnovers: 40

Leading Passer: T. Harris (12 GP, 3301 yards, 242-330 pass attempts, 73.3% completion rate, 16 TD, 4 INT, 116 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: M. Madu (6 GP, 490 yards, 92 carries, 5.3 yards per carry, 3 TD)

Leading Receiver: G. Ellingson (16 GP, 1260 yards, 76 catches, 4 TD) 

Leading Kick returner: T. Jackson (11 GP, 682 yards, 32 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: T. Jackson (11 GP, 496 yards, 42 returns, 1 TD)

Leading Tackler: D. Munoz (18 GP, 84)

Leading Pass Interceptor: A. Kanneh (16 GP, 3)

Leading Sacker: A. Gascon-Nadon (9 GP, 6)

Leading Field goal kicker: C. Milo (16 GP, 47/58, 81%, longest 55 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • Will Henry Burris retire, or will he go out on top? He’s currently signed for one more year. If he returns, will he return as the starter, or will he be ok with serving as a mentor to Trevor Harris, who was brought in as the clear succession plan for the REDBLACKS?
  • How can the team afford to re-sign all four of their main wide receivers? Can they afford to bring back their defensive secondary? Can they lock down veterans Nolan MacMillan and J’Michael Deane? What about Canadian safety Antoine Pruneau, who in addition to being a versatile player, particularly in nickel packages, also helps with national-to-international player ratios?
  • After a rather mediocre regular season this year, can Ottawa get lucky for a third season and go to the Grey Cup game, this time in front of a hometown crowd??

Montreal Alouettes

Season Record: 7-11 (3rd in East; missed playoffs)

Home Record: 3-6

Away Record: 4-5

Divisional Record: 3-5

Total Points: 383

Total Passing Yards: 4562

Total Passing TDs: 25

Total Rushing Yards: 1446

Total Rushing TDs: 12

Total Turnovers: 41

Leading Passer: K. Glenn (10 GP, 2563 yards, 224-318 pass attempts, 70.4% completion rate, 13 TD, 11 INT, 93.6 passer rating)

Leading Rusher: B. Rutley (12 GP, 495 yards, 113 carries, 4.4 yards per carry, 4 TD)

Leading Receiver: N. Lewis (18 GP, 1136 yards, 102 catches, 3 TD)

Leading Kick returner: S. Logan (18 GP, 1220 yards, 55 returns, 0 TD)

Leading Punt returner: S. Logan (18 GP, 1162 yards, 86 returns, 1 TD)

Leading Tackler: B. Woods (18 GP, 126)

Leading Pass Interceptor: J. Johnson (18 GP, 3)

Leading Sacker: J. Bowman (16 GP, 10)

Leading Field goal kicker: A. Fera (8 GP, 16/20, 80%, longest 52 yards)

Major questions for next season:

  • Will Vernon Adams Jr. be the starter at quarterback next season? He ended 2016 in this job and looked good doing it, but is still being pushed a lot by Rakeem Cato.
  • With Duron Carter and Kenny Stafford gone, will the Als re-sign Nik Lewis, who looked really good last year? Will SJ Green come back strong from a terrible knee injury this year and help out the receiving corps? What about Tyrell Sutton at running back?
  • Will Jacques Chapdelaine get to keep his job and become the permanent head coach for the Alouettes next season? (Personally, I think he will – they ended the season pretty strong under his tenure).


Regular Season game picks : 45-36

Playoff game picks: 4-1

Season total: 49-37 (.570)

Come at me, Vegas.

Grey Cup Champions, 2016. So, so damn cool.
Grey Cup Champions, 2016. So, so damn cool.
The Maestro
The Maestro
The Maestro is a mystical Canadian internet user and New England Patriots fan; when the weather is cooperative and the TV signal at his igloo is strong enough, he enjoys watching the NFL, the Ottawa Senators & REDBLACKS, and yelling into the abyss on Twitter. He is somehow allowed to teach music to high school students when he isn't in a blind rage about sports, and is also a known connoisseur of cheap beers across the Great White North.
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You forgot to mention the Stamps pulled a Seahawks and didn’t even have their stud running back on the field before settling for the field goal.

Good report. Congrats again on the win

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

Great work.

monty this seems strange to me

Gord Downie said Calgary was the greatest city in the greatest country during an extended intro to Grace Too in 2012. But then again he said a lot of shit on stage over the years.


Henry Burris still sucks.
–Bears fans


Congrats on a hell of a season.

Enjoy it.


He already was a legend. He added the “-ary” after the game.


How much are Grey Cup tickets (face value and secondary market)?

Also, Trevor Harris reminds me of:

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The Maestro after this writeup:
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