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As this site is picking up steam, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. So whip out that caulk and fill those gaps.

Ravens – The Ravens have denied reports that they were the ones who tipped off the Colts who in turn tipped off the NFL execs about the Pats tampering with the balls after officials inspect them. Adding more fuel to the burning rage of Pats fans’ theory of “The Great Ram Conspiracy”. See the Colts intercepted the ball and deflated it more before handing the ball to game officials. Why? Because the current Colts GM, Ryan Grigson worked for the Rams and was still sore from when the Pats beat them in the Super Bowl. The under-inflated football than gave the Ex-Jets and current NFL execs Mike Kensil and Rodger Goodell the ammunition needed to strike hard and further punish the Patriots for their role during Spygate.

Meh – Arian Foster hurt his groin badly enough to require surgery and will miss the beginning of the season. This surgery will surely mess up everyone’s Fantasy Football auto-draft settings and has led to stalled negotiations with Pierre Thomas.

Bills – O-Line Coach Aaron Kromer has been suspended for the first six games of the season after punching a 12 yr old over beach chairs. I mean who hasn’t thought about this from time to time. However, that’s the least of their worries as their GM Doug Whaley has come out and said that they are almost in QB Purgatory.

Meh II – Star Defensive lineman Jadevon Clowney’s father has been arrested for attempted murder after allegedly firing a gun outside a strip club in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Which I am sure was filled with young University of Charlotte undergrads who were only dancing, so they could pay for college.

49ers- Have parted ways with veteran CB Chris Cook who was reported to have said “You can’t cut me! I retire!”

Meh III – Everyone’s favorite nice guy J.J. “Red State Gronk” Watt played nice with new Houston Meh’s D-Line man Vince Wilfolk by surprising his daughter to help her adjustment to the move. On the flip side while you read this Gronk Gronk has just slept with your sister.

NFL – Now that Ballghazi is all but a dream the league is wondering how the Ginger Hammer will handle the newest locker room distraction… Game of Thrones Spoilers.


/Edited for clarity and poor grammar

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Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

Phil McCracken, an American visual artist, would like a word.

Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood

“Wait, I show up and you actually want me to move furniture? That’s not what happens in the movies…”

– JJ

Horatio Cornblower

With all those strippers working their way through college I’m surprised they’re not happier when I throw used textbooks at them. I’m really just cutting out the middle man when you think about it.

Sill Bimmons
Sill Bimmons

How do you know what their major is?

Your stupid law books aren’t going to help a nuclear physicist.

Old School Zero

Snitches get Stitches – Rey Rey


With Foster out, how many times will Berman yell “You’re my boy, Blue” during the highlights of the Meh games?

/Once will be too many.

monty this seems strange to me

Joke’s on Gronk, that was me, dressed up like my sister.


Damn, I knew Gronk juice was strong, but the Doctor says my sister’s already 4 months pregnant. Better not tell her husband.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

I think the undersized penis gave you away.

Enrico Pallazzo

The last guy that “meh’d” Clowney’s dad played Dodgebullet.