Chargers at the Bye: A [DFO] Roundtable

OSZ: Hello from the DFO Chargers Posting Brigade—me, Low Commander of the Super Soldiers, sunrisesunrise, and blackroseMD1. Having just watched Floatception Rivers re-emerge during the Dolphins game and our secondary get burned by Ryan Tannehill... well, my optimism for the rest of the season is, shall we say, waning. My

A Perfectly Cromulent San Diego Chargers 2016 Season Preview

(This preview has been brought to you by Low Commander of the Super Soldiers, Old School Zero, and sunrisesunrise) Keenan Allen: Damn. This shit again. Brandon Flowers: Yeah, tell me about it. Hell, I don’t even think Rivers has healed up from last season yet! Philip Rivers: [Limps in on crutches, most of

This Week In Fuck You Money

So the Powerball jackpot was something like $500 million for last night's drawing, and while I didn't buy any tickets because I need that money for my krokodil, it did get me thinking a little about the absurd amount of money that would come from winning. After taxes, one would

Merry Christmas from the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Plaintiffs

As we gather around our families to remember the sacrifices made by our veterans in Bethlehem, we, the NFL Concussion Lawsuit Plaintiffs, would like to you remind about the importance of safety in football. Today you will be undoubtable be watching some great NFL games while you circle the maypole,

The San Diego Bye Week Report: A Fantastic Journey (To Last Place/Angeles)

[Deep within a hospital, a patient lies prone, still, and hooked up to many medical devices and machines that whirr, beep, and occasionally print out some esoteric bit of information to be collated later. There are no flowers, no evidence of visitors. A doctor stumbles into the room.] Dr. David Chao: