The Wins of Winter (Part 2)

It didn't seem possible that a ball thrown thirty yards in the air could land so softly. But it did, nestling into Coby's outstretched hands as he crossed the goal line. He felt the safety's hand slap haplessly against his left shoulder, and let out a scream of triumph.  He

The Wins of Winter (Part 1)

Snow. In Oakland. Unbelievable. "You know nothing, Weather Underground," thought Coby Fleener as he watched the snowflakes float down into the Coliseum. Coby had seen his share of cold days growing up in Joliet, and later in Indianapolis, but he'd never seen snow fall from the sky near San Francisco Bay. He'd never

Colts Bye Week: The Best Of The Worst

On a cursory check, nine of the 13 preseason analysts predicted the Colts make the Super Bowl in February (as a point of reference, Peter King predicted a Ravens/Packers Super Bowl XXXXX). At 4-5, one would typically scoff at the notion of the Colts even being a playoff threat. Instead,

It’s a K-O-N-Spiracy I!

I was pulling half of my "Great Ram Conspiracy" out of my gigantic ass. It looks like I am not that far off. Here let's dissect UponBlueReview's hottest taek from This ENTIRE Fiasco Was A FRAME JOB Started by John Harbaugh when Tom Brady told him to "Learn the Rule

Filling in the Cracks

As this site is picking up steam, it's easy to let things fall through the cracks. So whip out that caulk and fill those gaps. Ravens - The Ravens have denied reports that they were the ones who tipped off the Colts who in turn tipped off the NFL execs about