It’s a K-O-N-Spiracy II – Are the Boston Globe Emails Real?

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I know I am beating a dead horse here, but there are some serious flaws in the email chain the Boston Globe has been discussing. Grab those tinfoil hats folks.

Email One –  Sean Sullivan

Part 1

I have questions on the authenticity of the emails that were allegedly given to the Boston Globe. Some of it is head-scratchingly too convenient. It names drops the Ravens, but doesn’t implicitly link them saying the Patriot cheat. There was no reason to add clarity to the whole “they were kicking” bit and then the out of place throw away line of “so we know we don’t get anything tampered with”. Check out the time stamp of 12:01PM EST. so just after noon.

Email Two – Ryan Grigson – 27 Mins later or 2 1/2 hours in the past?

This email is

A. From Colts GM Grigson

B.Addressing multiple people by using “Gentlemen”

C. Timestamped at Jan. 17th at 9:27AM So Grigson was on the West Coast? Fine.

D. Is forwarding on the email from Sean stamped 12:01 EST. and references a previous conversation

E. Notice the trollish language at the end “vigilant stewards” of the “shield and overall integrity of the game”

Email Three – David Gardi – 3 mins later

The author took 3 mins to write this email after reading everything or not reading anything and then drops the “Good luck tomorrow”. Ok fine a little odd but no big deal right? Well the brevity of the email shows that this was already predetermined outcome or Gardi decided the course of events and wrote this email in 3 mins

Email Four – 3 mins later  Author Ryan Grigson


Very brief email sent 3 mins later and we know this because it was timestamped at 12:33 PM EST. 6 mins after Grigson sent the email forwarding on Sean Sullivan’s email at 9:27am… Ya know because Grigson sent that email from the West Coast and this email 6 mins later from the East Coast.

Meh, I could be seeing faces in the rain with this one. This could all be explained with simple answers of “computer glitches”. Besides what would the Boston Globe possibly get out of faking these emails or being tricked by them if they are fake? Is it just a ruse by pats fans? What do these emails prove anything other than the league thought the Patriots were cheating a day before the game started?

Anyways, it is a pretty slow news week. Did you hear Michael Floyd broke 3 fingers on his left hand? He did and will miss the first month or so of the regular season. Sucks to be him. Also, your favorite team’s quarterback just said some nice things about that new player your team signed. Oh, and an update on that player you liked, but he changed teams. He just said some nice stuff that complements the new star player he will be playing with while at the same time tossing some shade at his old team, but he didn’t mean it to come out that way.

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Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

Threadjacking it:

Washington Post has a running transcript of the GOP Undercard Debate, or as some are calling it, the Kids Table:

/Threadjacking it

Horatio Cornblower

Are you perchance in San Diego?

Covalent Blonde

Wait. Who or what the fuck is MOJO?
It’s for Indy so it can’t be anything sexual; I know that one.

Old School Zero

Wait, which one is the lizard man, and which one is the salamander man?

Salamander man

Slamder man




Turns out it was the Lawnmower Man the whole time…


There was a headline the other day that Brandon Weeden had intentionally dropped a hilarious quote.
The media’s not even pretending to be credible anymore .


So, have I made those clients who haven’t paid me yet for two months of work wait long enough for the report they want “as soon as possible”?

Eh, probably not. Here’s something that amused me – I used to rip on this guy all the time because everything he ever posted as an “objective journalist” read like it was an audition to work in Apple’s public relations department. So this made me laugh out loud:


For me, it’s basically Darrell Etherington : tech press :: Joe Buck : sports broadcasting.



No wait… we’re not doing that here. Sorry.

Sill Bimmons
Sill Bimmons


Enrico Pallazzo

If I remember the playoffs correctly, you don’t even need arms to be a receiver for the Cardinals.

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

Don’t fret. As a Blackhawks fan, the upcoming Patrick Kane rape story is looking promising! MINI-HOCKEY BEN PUT MINI-GREY DICK IN FUN SPOT. HARF HARF HARF.

Covalent Blonde

I have been thinking about a Patty Kane-Andrew Luck story about them making profiles for each other. Some of the fugliest, talented, best paid boys in their businesses dem two!


As a Western New Yorker, the next few weeks should be fun.

I give it a week or so before the accuser gets run through the mud by the media.


And by “fun,” I mean “weep for humanity.”


This is all meant to distract you from Jade Helm 15. We’ll hear more about it tonight during the debate.


King Hippo

Gaston County? Where I went to high school:

Surprises me not one damned bit. I spent all of my formative years in Charlotte proper (thank fuck), so I speak proper English and have racial attitudes not stuck in the 1950s.

Also thank fuck my Dad took a different job once my younger siblings finished high school and I never had to set foot in that yeehaw county again.

Darkest Timeline Zack Morris

I may dip in and out, but there’ll be a place here to make fun of these clowns tonight. I’ll put it up at 6 or so so we can pregame.


Excellent. I’m Peter King-ing it right now, so I’ll rely on this cohort for my debate updates til I get off the train.

Darkest Timeline Zack Morris

That sounds terrifying. I thought Peter-King-ing it was driving writers to the mouth of madness?

King Hippo

I’m not sure the Boston Globe is real at this point. How many people in the metropolitan area can really read, in all honesty?


Have you ever seen the Boston Globe and the Washington Times together at the same time?