TGISF…aka “Last Second Re-Tread and also Merry New Year!!!!!” Sexy Friday Open Thread



An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it’s a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.

Beef Jerky Time!!!!   There’s plenty, you know.

I’m sorry folks.  Sincerely.  This week….Thank God It’s Sexy Friday is going to suck.  And I don’t mean just a little bit of suck.  It’s going to suck badly.  I mean like, if I got paid anything around here, this one would warrant getting my pay docked for like 3 years.

We actually had what I thought would be a good diversion this week.  But I’ve been overruled by one of the participants.  There were only two participants, btw.  I was one.  At the moment I’ve been asked not to say anything more than that.  My apologies.

But bottom line, the majority of our regularly scheduled post got canned.  Hopefully not permanently….we’ll see.  I’ll get back to you on that.

But for now, I have to shelve most of it and rewrite it.

Honestly my heart is not in it as far as this last minute rewrite.  No shit.

Frankly, I’m tired of getting punched in the sack, and then having to say “thank you”.

But tired of it or not, I do seem to have become somewhat accomplished at it.


Son of a bitch

Normally right now (looks at clock to make sure….right now is….10:48am eastern, Friday morning) I would have this article finished.  Most of it would have been a wrap days ago.   I might proofread it one last time when I awakeded, gently on a Friday morn, as I so often do.  But mostly it’s done days ago.

But not this week.  Nope.  This week, I WAS done.  But now I have to scrap it all.  All of it.  Seriously…every damned word.  I just proofread thru it.  Can’t use any of it.

I am NOT happy.  Fuck you, Dak Prescott.

And you too, Alex Smith.


Seriously….you’d all be laughing right now if I could, you know…….tell you why.  Just ask ballsofsteel, he’ll back me up.

OK, seriously, I’m out of lube

This one’s going in as is.

Are you aware there are too many college bowl games?  Right now, as I’m typing, The University of Georgia is facing off against Texas Christian University in something called the Autozone Liberty Bowl.  There should not be a thing called the Autozone Liberty Bowl.  Full Disclosure….I’m a UGa fan and I’m still appalled.  Even Fuller Disclosure….my alma mater just got done playing in the Camping World Independence Bowl.


We Wolven sort are a proud lot, lemme tell ya.

Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, too many bowl games.

Girls of the SEC

A few yrs ago, my alma mater, NC State University……toyed with the idea of shifting from the ACC to the SEC.  Now when I say “toyed”, I mean we were too scared to make the jump and instead agreed to an even huger buyout from the ACC which was the stupidest thing ever and now we could never make the jump even if we ever did get leadership which could think outside the box.  Also that was a horrid run on sentence.  But I expect backup from KingHippo on this particular point.  I will be totes disappoint if he doesn’t chime in on this subject…hint, hint, hintity hint.

But trust me, we’d have taken our lumps for a few years shifting in with the Lesser Footy Big Boys.  We’d have taken some poundings to be sure.

But eventually?  We’d have been the one dishing the poundings.

How about we start with getting pounded by LSU?

Goddamn!!!!!!  Nice start with LSU.  Getting my “boots” fetish out of the way early. Yes, leave them on….yes I like this girl.


The internet says that this girl is a Bama fan.  No????  Oh well, who cares…..

I’m sorry, I think this is just a chick in a red bikini. No, no….it’s OK, I just don’t see proof of Bama is all.  Meh, no matter.


Don’t worry about it…hot chick in a bikini works just fine.

OK, so who’s next?

Again, I don’t know who the heck she’s a fan of.

Ok….she’s hot so it’s OK.

Allegedly hot Auburn fan. I mean she’s obviously hot, not sure if she’s an Auburn fan tho. But I’m overruled as usual.


Arkansas Butterface……but that’s not a problem with this body.

She might be a Two Bagger.


How about some Baylor girls?

OMG….wrong conference….sheesh…aw who cares?…….something something date rape something something



How about some more LSU girls??

Works for me.


Gators, sure we can have a good hate for them….

Nice underboob, just saying.


You like UGa girls, right?

Dear lord, that’s Green Bay.  But she’s hot tho, right? Yes fine, she’s hot. Wow, yes, she’s actually very damned hot.  She stays…green and yellow UGa fan.


See, now that’s UGa down there…..


UGa.  Uuuuuuuga.


D’awwwwwww… sad for Vandy.

That’s right…NC State!!! 41-17!!!! SHUT UP THEY ARE SO SEC SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP


I cannot figure out for certain who this girl is a fan of.  She came up in a “Girls of the SEC” image search.


But I’m a fan.


More LSU?  MORE LSU!!!!!

That is one over stressed bikini top.


Yeah, seems like that’s a good one to close out on.

CTE protocol upcoming for tWBS…I may or may not have taken a couple of blows to the head.



Time for Equal Time Time

(the following were not tWBS‘ choices)

((also I’m not sure why I felt the need to make that statement))





Oh yeah I forgot, LMFAO…it’s New Year’s this weekend……

graphics-happy-new-year-347832Screw you, 2016.

2017, try not to be as big a pain in my ass as 2016 and we’ll get along fine.

Damn I still owe you an original photo….

It’s from winter, not quite a year ago.  It’s entitled….  -Making Tracks-

Little bird feet. Hehehehe.

Have a good New Years’, folks.  Be safe.

Love ya’s.

Decide what to be….and go be it.

Out of order Sports  (this would be much less confusing if I hadn’t re-written this whole post after putting sports down here this week, LOL)

Putting sports down here this week to try to be less confusing (IRONY!!!!)….even though that ship sailed a while ago I think.  There was some stuff I had to rectify from earlier which….you know what?  Never mind.

I promise we’ll be back to normal next week.  I’m feeling more sullen and hateful again already in fact so, no worries.

No Thursday Night NFL this week.  Yep, week 17 is Sunday across the board.

I guess I’ll have to find something else to bitch about.  Gimme a sec…..

COLLEGE BOWL GAMES……oh no wait, I already bitched about that….TCU/UGa….yeah.

Dang, I got nothing.  Time to add alcohol and see what happens.

Hockey is still happening, sort of.  CBJ is still kicking major ass of late.  Light slate tonight.

NBA still mostly sucks.  But they are playing.

College Basketball is preparing to shift to real games that actually matter.  That’s always daunting to NCSU fans….just saying (shameless NCSU plug to follow….)

But we do gotz, IMHO, the best frosh PG in the country…..

6. Dennis Smith, Jr., NC State

Last week: No. 7

18.9 PPG, 5.5 APG, 3.7 RPG, 1.8 steals, 48.6 2-pt%, 38.5 3-pt%, 114.3 ORtg

Smith had 23 points, six assists, four rebounds, three steals and two blocks in NC State’s 89-57 win over McNeese State last week. I’ve been saying it for a few weeks now: Smith is having the best season that nobody’s paying attention to. With ACC games on tap, that is sure to change in the next two weeks. Right now, he’s right on Josh Jackson’s heels for top-five status. Smith is a two-way player; if he can get his turnover rate down from 2.8 per game to about 2.0, the Wolfpack will become even more well-rounded.

OK, that’s it.  I have to go drink heavily and feel sorry for myself now.

Have a good week, ass dicks.


Pssssst….next week I expect to be mobile, though I don’t know where just yet.

My point is you’re going to have guest Sexy next week.  Mr. Balls of Steel is taking the reigns for me next week.

No worries folks…..he’s as big a pervert as me.

An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it's a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.
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Alright, Left Coasters and other weirdos, I’m off to bed. Peace.



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