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You know, sometimes it is nice to be wrong.  And to have something good happen first thing in the morning that gives you happiness the rest of the day.  No, I’m not talking about a morning blowjob, 69, or anal.   Not yet anyway.

Let’s get started!

Welcome to Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat!

Second Semi Final –  Geelong Cats v Sydney Swans at the MCG

In my preview last week, I said I was dreading waking up on Friday morning and seeing the score at Three Quarter Time.  Well, I was extremely pleasantly surprised to see that the Cats were up by 49!

How the hell did that happen?  Well, unlike in previous matchups, the Cats started the game well and matched the Swans’ intensity and effort.  At Quarter Time, the Cats held a slim 5 point lead.  Seemingly buoyed by the success of playing Patrick Dangerfield as a full forward occupying all of the Sydney defenders’ time and energy, the Cats went on a rampage in the second.  They outscored, outfought, and outran the Swans in the second period and built a 36 point lead.  In the second half, they did not let up and the final score was 98-39.

Balls on Friday morning

It’s a good thing I have a long-enough commute so that I didn’t show up to the office with

Here are the highlights:

First Semi Final – GWS Giants v West Coast Eagles at Spotless Stadium

If you want to substitute BFC for me in the above section, complete with Freedom Boner, you would effectively summarize what happened in this game. The Giants were coming off a bad loss against the Crows in which they looked lost.  Stevie J was brought back into the lineup and he must have infused the Giants with confidence as they played probably their best game of the season in easily destroying the West Coast Eagles’ hopes to the tune of 125-58. Stevie J further justified his inclusion in the squad with six goals and a terrific all-around game.

Here are the highlights:

Did I watch the full Geelong game replay on Friday night and the full Giants game replay on Saturday?

I was also wrong in that I thought the GWS-West Coast game was going to be close.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  In any case, the two teams I like won, so I’m a happy camper this weekend.  Let’s see what’s on tap for next weekend:

Friday, September 22, 2017

First Preliminary Final – 2:50 AM – Adelaide Crows v Geelong Cats at Adelaide Oval

It’s another Friday morning tense with anticipation as I turn on the game at should be roughly Three Quarter Time.  Will the Cats revert back to their bad ways and be behind by 50 on the road?  Or will they surprise me again and be up on the road by nearly 50 themselves?

You’re right, I’m not.  And don’t call me Shirley.  I think it would be too much to ask for to see if the Cats can repeat this week’s feat. The best I can hope for is that they keep it close and have a chance at the end.  We shall see…

Second Preliminary Final – 11:45 PM – Richmond Tigers v GWS Giants at the MCG

I may actually watch this game live as it starts at a reasonable hour.  This one provides the same dilemma as the Geelong game.  Can we count on GWS to repeat the same effort/result as this week?  Like Geelong, the Giants are perfectly capable of playing well for multiple games in a row.  The big question is whether they will.

Another big question is what effect the bye will have on the teams that won their Qualifying finals.  This will be a good test of the rest versus momentum theory.  Either way, fans of inertia will be rivetted

Source: Richard Gere’s house


Footy Tipping Contest

Here are the standings after the Semi Finals:

PLACE TIPPER Round Tips Round Margin TOTAL Tips TOTAL Margin
1 BALLS 1 84 130 671
2 Litre_cola 1 74 130 736
3 JolietJakeDelhomme 1 84 128 1068
4 Spanky 1 84 126 667
5 SonOfSpam 2 42 126 751
6 BFC 1 76 121 710
7 Sunrisesunrise 0 59 118 955
8 WhyEaglesWhy 1 59 117 831
9 Blax 1 102 97 813
10 Dolph Ucker 0 79 93 876

Litre and I are still tied at the top but he pulled closer based on the margin difference.  Big props to SonOfSpam who was the only one to go with the Cats and also picked the Giants to go 2 for 2.  Blax was also able to ensure that Dolph doesn’t catch him this year as he got one right while Dolph got the ofer even though he DID make picks.  Unfortunately for him, it looks like he picked the wrong underdog to win.

On the not so bright side, Sunrisesunrise AGAIN forgot to put his picks in.  You know what that means…

You know, I’m starting to think that Sunrisesunrise is actually Rex Ryan.  As always,



That’s all for this week. There are only three games left.  The top four teams from the Home and Away season are still alive.  The matches this Friday look to be amazing.  In case you don’t have the AFL Watch App, I believe that Fox Sports 2 will be airing both matches live.  Now you REALLY have no excuse not to watch this wonderful amazing awesome game.  Alls I know is I’m

See you next week!



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Well Ballsy it looks like I have to pick against Geelong so that one of us can be el Campion.


Please let the Tigers lose. Please Australian footy God please.


I like the cut of your jib


A) I almost didn’t tip GWS for that game since they played so shittily last week and also lost their ruckman and a starting forward
2. I now have no idea what’s going to happen next week. Does this team play lights out and destroy the Tigers or freeze up in front of 80k fans at the G and get blown out?
$) The announcers during the GWS game were highlighting that there have only been 2 close games these finals despite this being a ridiculously close regular season
D. Adelaide has to lose twice, right?


I’m really considering sending an email to a certain Nazi Swan’s fan.
But I won’t…not worth it.

But sending “nyah nyah nyah’s” by telepathy to Sydney anyway.

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You should plow her.

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No I should not.




Now I know how every season’s AFC North 3rd place team feels…..