Morocco. Hell of a country, not sure about their futbollers.



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Morocco! Cover photo is of the night market in Marrakech. If you love food and experiences then definitely this should be on your travel bucket list.

They Moroccans are in a group with Spain, Portugal and Iran. Even though they qualified through a very tough group in Africa I cannot name a single player on their national team, they are toast.

Alright, on 1st glance they are trying to get back  El Haddadi, who played 1 game as a sub for the Spanish national team which has screwed his eligibility. I have never heard of this man, he apparently plays for Alaves but he ain’t coming through those doors.

They do have Medhi Benatia who plays for Juventus who was the guy that gave Madrid the penalty late in the Champions League this year.

I just went through the rest of the roster and current news and let me tell you futbol commentists, it does not look promising. Sky Sports didn’t even have names for the starting 11. 

Music! This here was a banger in February from what the internet tells me. Did I listen to it before inserting it? No, no I did not. I normally enjoy videos from Muslim countries that attempt to live the party lifestyle however there is no booze to be found. It is refreshing. Let ‘s have a look,

I enjoy the go-pro selfie stick work by Serhani here. The tune isn’t much but the super fun lifestyle attempt is there. I only have 1 issue and that is the fact that they looked to be sitting with the commoners in coach on a plane.  Also, did you notice that there were no scantily clad women? Video is just a crew of Moroccan dudes driving around, singing and living the life.

I was lucky enough to backpack through this fair country in 2000. I had planned on going to Marrakesh from Spain for 4 days and then return to Europe. I stayed 3 weeks and toured a good portion of the country, it was incredible. Our group (random backpackers) was hiking in the Atlas mountains with a local guide and he was communicating through me as he spoke French. He turned to me while stopped in the mountains and asked whether I had a knife or not? I gave him my Swiss Army backpacker standard issue and he proceeded to give about 5 plants the bottom to top handjob quite vigorously. He then used my knife to scrape the resin off of his hands and asked for a cigarette and some papers. He had just scraped the crystals of the hash plants and wanted to get high. Superb how did he know I would have papers on me???

I then noticed that while in Chefchaouen that there were a heck of a lot more calls to prayer than anywhere else in the country. In our stoned haze I asked him if I was imagining things or if this was indeed the case?

Chefchaouen, Morocco. Fantastic town.

Loosely translated. “Sir, from time to time you are in a relaxed state and can not make it to prayers immediately. We have a few more so you can pray enough.” Got it, too high, can’t pray.

He also told me to look at the police when I am in town and what they are smoking. These cops had large rizla papers and would use their cigarette filters in the end so they looked like giant cigarettes. They were getting stoned. Great hustle.

I selfishly do not want North America to get the World Cup 2026 bid as that is my 50th bday year. I selfishly would love to return to Morocco for the futbol tourney. Fantastic country, great cities (Tangiers a bit sketch, Casablanca just a city), and the food is absolutely superb.



A pugs best friend. Wine drinker. Loves to use the letter U behind O. Iggles fan, Fulham FC supporter. Bartend as a hobby in Canadia. One of the resident futbol freaks at the clubhouse
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Coupe du monde de football. Vive La France. – [DOOR FLIES OPEN]

[…] Morocco. Hell of a country, not sure about their futbollers. – May 16, 2018 […]

King Hippo

Moroccan food is indeed the tits. Loved the tale.

Don T

That’s the Africa group, according to Europe (‘cause of the “south of the Pyrenees” “rule”). I just hope Morocco and Iran piss Portuguese and Spaniards off by saying to them “Sup, cos”.

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

Wow I really loved your description of Morocco and hiking in the mountains that sounds great, but that video . . . that video was 50 shades of sad blended with 10 degrees of terrible. There was literally nothing good about it, although you did write a fair warning to that effect.

All I know anout Morocco is that Secret Squirrel’s side-kick was named Morocco and he wore a fez and talked like Peter Lorre who was in “Casablanca” which was set in Morocco (I think) but was shot in Burbank except for some airport scenes that were shot in Van Nuys. Also some dudes sang a song about Marrakesh but it was in English and a friend of mine from high school was born in Morocco when there was U.S. Air Force base there and his father had been a navigator on a B-17 bomber and used to bomb the shit out of Germany. Secret Squirrel was voiced by Don “Get Smart” Adams who everyone agrees used to steal jokes and the only thing he really cared about was going to the race track, which was Hollywood Park until recently but is gone now and they are building the new stadium for the Walmart Rams there and I just flew over it this morning.
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Thank you for doing this because I know nothing of this country and if I’d written it, the post would be full of these:

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To go with your hash story.

My parents went to Jamaica about 30 years ago. When they get off the plane, a guy walks up to my Dad, and says, “We grow great ganja in the mountains.” They off course went off to buy it.
They were the only people approached from the flight.

My Dad says it was some of the best stuff he’d ever smoked at that point.