Liverpool! Real Madrid! Champions League Final Open Thread

Yes yes yes. The European club championship starts at 1:30 Central. The winner of this yooge deal tournament gets a proportionally extravagant trinquet, which the Spanish call La Orejona (the big-eared one): The Brits call it the Big Cup, and I imagine toffs creaming all over themselves for the generic understatement. OF

2018 World Cup Preview: The Uruguay Way

The Uruguay bullet points are: being a tiny nation nuts about fútbol, and a team that features a biter. All are true, as the English press and other haytahs will remind us with evergreen hackery. Just know that the history of fútbol cannot be written without Uruguay. The English Football Association

European Seeding, Relegation Seething Fútbol Open Thread

It’s May dammit! How wonderful. Look at those flowers and clear skies…  [inhales deeply]  [flicks 🚬 at bird]  It’s still a long way for the damn NFL season, but at least there’s high drama in fútbol.  The EPL and La Liga are wrapping up. Each has its champion: Barcelona remains unbeaten in league

Secular Saturday Fútbol AM Thread

For Catholics, today is Good Saturday. To get the religious stuff out of the way: “The Young Pope" was hokey, but interesting. And what an intro! All times Central. Yeah. Listen, I got a two-day vacation going, so please accept my start-time guesses. LA LIGA Athletic Bilbao (13th) vs. Celta Vigo (10th) - 9:15

Fight! Fight! Fight! BSK-BAY + BAR-CHE 2nd Leg Champions Thread

[Banner via] We got a true doubleheader today, with an early kickoff in Turkey. That game promises flares in the stands; the one in Catalonia, fireworks on the field. Beşiktaş (Turkey) vs. Bayern Munich (Germany) – 12:00 Central (0-5 aggregate) Beşiktaş went undefeated in the Champions League group stage, albeit against Porto

Not Quite Eye Candy Fútbol Thread

This EPL season has been underwhelming. Manchester City has been a buzzsaw, practically tying up the title three months in advance. Man City does not play today. In La Liga, Barcelona had been tearing it up, but it’s now a two team race. Atlético Madrid is only five points back with