Your I Don’t Want To Work Open Thread

Well,  apparently that’s what our computers said this morning as there is no Internet and the drives are down. There is no actual productive work to be done.

So,  I look to DFO to keep me amused.

Last night was fun with the Spelling Bee. After that,  though,  man nothing.

Yes,  RTD, I know the NBA Finals were on,  but that is just the WWE without hot chicks in skimpy outfits.

Overnight,  the Sydney Swans took care of the Carlton Blues,  although not by as much as I expected.

The Australian National Team,  aka The Socceroos, beat the Czech Republic 3-0 in a friendly and I don’t know if that means they’re good or the Czech team was made up of whoever wasn’t on a beach somewhere.

Either way,  one leg of Mick’s Multi actually hit! Watch the end of the video for context:

Speaking of sports gambling,  Delaware will reportedly start offering sports bets on Tuesday.  If any East Coast folks can make their way down to Delaware Downs and give the rest of us a Boots On The Ground, we would be much obliged.

Finally,  we’re LESS THAN 2 WEEKS from the Opening Game of the World Cup!!! My footy boner is rising…

Ok,  give me what you got because I’m getting ready to call it a weekend at 7 AM.



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Great Scottish tune.


I am working from home today. It is so peaceful and weirdly enough there is marijuana readily available.


Show off.


I have finally found a way to make the mandatory SOP changes meeting palatable – play ESO and listen to my classic rock Pandora Station.


I’m leaving this here to bring back the Serbia footy preview post.

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Pictured: Balls in about 10 minutes.
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