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This week,

It was that kind of week…

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Round 20 Recaps and Highlights

Strap yourselves in, kids,  because this week’s games gave us quite a ride. It all started on Friday morning when I woke up early enough to catch the second part of the third quarter of the Richmond Tigers-Geelong Cats match.

By then,  the Tigers had run out to a healthy 24 point lead and I seriously thought about turning the game off. But something told me to keep watching and the Cats mounted a tremendous fourth quarter comeback that ended this way:

Oh,  if only Gary Ablett’s shot had gone in! Here are the full game highlights:

On proper Friday night,  the first game featured the Essendon Bombers fighting for their finals lives against the Hawthorn Hawks.  It was an awesome game to watch and it too came down to the last two minutes:

The whole game was crazy and back and forth and the Bombers just ran out of time. Highlights:

So, have you had enough thrilling finishes? Nope,  not yet! The North Melbourne Kangaroos had led the Brisbane Lions only for the Lions to fight back then led again and the Lions would come back. This pattern held up until the fourth. And then this happened:

Jesus,  Brisbane! You have a free kick 25 yards at a 45 degree angle with less than a minute left,  you MILK THAT CLOCK AND TAKE A DROP PUNT EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Talk about pulling a loss out of a win. Here are the highlights:

The next game was The Showdown between the Adelaide Crows and the Port Adelaide Power.  The Crows desperately needed this game to keep their super slim finals hopes alive.

Predictably,  it went down to the wire:

See? That’s how you milk a clock! Highlights:

You would think we would be done with awesome finishes,  but you’d be wrong. Sydney and Collingwood played a thriller that also came down to the end:

How did he score that goal? I mean that’s unbelievable! He pulled the win out of a hat! Amazing! Here are the full game highlights:

As if to give us a break from the heart-stopping finishes,  the St. Kilda Saints were kind enough to give up their lead over the Western Bulldogs midway through the second quarter. The Doggies thanked them and never looked back in a 103-68 (so close!) win. Here are the highlights:

Come North American Saturday night,  the Footy Gods decided we’d had enough and all three games went as expected.

In the first game,  the GWS Giants took care of the Carlton Blues by 105 points (151-46). The remarkable part about this match was that the Giants suffered injuries and had to play with 18, 17, and even 16 men during the fourth quarter.



The next match,  between the Melbourne Demons and the Gold Coast Suns, also had blowout written all over it and the Demons did not disappoint. They won by 96 and here are the highlights:

Lastly,  the Perth Derby between West Coast Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers did not figure to be a blowout,  but methinks the Dockers are already looking up all-inclusive packages to Bali. The final score was 142-84 and here are the highlights:

Let’s take a look at the ladder, shall we?

1 Richmond Tigers 15 4 0 60 135.7
2 West Coast Eagles 14 5 0 56 124.1
3 GWS Giants 12 6 1 50 120.8
4 Melbourne Demons 12 7 0 48 132.8
5 Hawthorn Hawks 12 7 0 48 121.4
6 Collingwood Magpies 12 7 0 48 117.1
7 Port Adelaide Power 12 7 0 48 114.9
8 Sydney Swans 12 7 0 48 109.6
9 Geelong Cats 11 8 0 44 118.8
10 North Melbourne Kangaroos 11 8 0 44 110.1
11 Essendon Bombers 10 9 0 40 102.3
12 Adelaide Crows 10 9 0 40 98.6
13 Fremantle Dockers 7 12 0 28 78.6
14 Western Bulldogs 6 13 0 24 73.2
15 St. Kilda Saints 4 14 1 18 75.1
16 Brisbane Lions 4 15 0 16 90.4
17 Gold Coast Suns 4 15 0 16 62.2
18 Carlton Blues 2 17 0 8 60.1

Here is the Balls (TM) graph:

Download (PDF, 281KB)

Crazy how one loss means so much, huh?  Things are getting REALLY interesting now…


Footy Tipping Contest

Here is where we are after Round 20:

P TIPPER Round Tips Round Margin TOTAL Tips TOTAL Margin
1 SonOfSpam 7 5 125 504
2 Sunrisesunrise 5 39 121 531
3 BALLS 8 12 117 549
4 Spanky Datass 6 3 117 620
5 Litre_cola 5 11 115 509
6 WhyEaglesWhy 7 9 111 547
7 Dolph Ucker 7 33 111 712
8 BFC 7 20 108 533
9 Joliet Jake Delhomme 3 3 96 602
10 Game Time Decision 5 21 95 653
11 JPF 3 3 92 585
12 nomonkeyfun 3 3 87 549
13 blaxabbath 3 3 77 595
14 Sharkbait 3 3 75 638

A big week for me sees me vault over Spanky and Litre into 3rd place!  Meanwhile, Game Time Decision continues his climb up the ladder with a place inside the top ten within reach.

For those of you not putting the tips in, this is for you:



AFL Round 21

Here is the schedule for this week (all times Pacific):

Friday, August 10, 2018

2:50 AM (Late Thursday Night) – Essendon Bombers v St. Kilda Saints at Marvel Stadium

It’s nice that I don’t have to wake up extra early to watch this game. I assume the Bombers will be PISSED about last week’s close loss to the Hawks and will take it out on the Saints.

8:45 PM – Hawthorn Hawks v Geelong Cats at the MCG

This is a YUUUGE game for the Cats.  In essence, it’s a must-win as the Roos are tied on points and have an opportunity to build percentage against the Doggies.

9:10 PM – Gold Coast Suns v Richmond Tigers at Metricon Stadium

The only way the Tigers lose this is if the team plane gets lost on its way to Queensland and the VFL team has to play the Suns.

11:35 PM  – Port Adelaide Power v West Coast Eagles at Adelaide Stadium

It should be a great game as Port tries desperately to salvage the season and not fall out of the Eight. West Coast is sitting pretty in second and only a collapse will force them out of Top Two.

Saturday,  August 12, 2018

2:25 AM (Late Friday Night) – Collingwood Magpies v Brisbane Lions at Marvel Stadium

This is another game where a team with a close loss last week will look to make up for it against an inferior opponent.  Although, the Lions have shown fight and really should have won last week…

2:25 AM (Late Friday Night) – GWS Giants v Adelaide Crows at UNSW Canberra Oval

This is probably the Match of the Round.  It’s the Crows’ last-ditch effort to stay in the race.  Will the injuries cause problems yet again for the Giants?

8:10 PM – North Melbourne Kangaroos v Western Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium

The Roos have a nice and easy schedule at the end.  They must take advantage of it and beat the Doggies this week.

10:20 PM – Melbourne Demons v Sydney Swans at the MCG

This could be the Match of the Round Part Two.  Sydney has played well on the road and will want to prove they can win at the MCG.

11:40 PM – Fremantle Dockers v Carlton Blues at Optus Stadium

Fremantle has not shown anything in the last few weeks.  The Blues have been embarrasing to watch.  Something has to give!


That’s all for this week!  As you can see, the outcomes of individual games greatly affect the ladder as the competition is super tight.  I’m hoping we get more games that go to the final two minutes.

That way, I can play more Iron Maiden.  See you next week!



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Spanky Datass
Spanky Datass

A Brisbane upset and actually hitting “save picks” would have much improved my week. Oh well, drunk is as drunk does.

Game Time Decision

First time ever I rate a 10


I think I’m going to become a Brisbane fan.

Said no one, ever.


I would think the anti-circumcision crowd might beg to differ.


Goddammit. I was climbing and now the utter crumble.


If you’re the utter crumble, what does that make me? Utter dingleberry?


MOTHERFUCKER! I should have known that Essendon would crush my hopes eventually. Actually, *I’m* the one who should apologize for jinxing *them*.

Balls can you explain what Brisbane did wrong at the end there, and what they should have done instead?


For like half of the second quarter, Carlton looked like a professional sports team.


Wooo! Go Giants!

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