Inspired by Rikki’s komment about albums in the weekend open thread.  But in these days of personal music players and iTunes and what have you, who’s going to play a full album?  We all know the last 2-3 songs are filler.

1.  Caitlin Cary  “Please Don’t Hurry Your Heart”

A little slow, probably kind of depressing when you’re all by yourself, but goddamn can she sing.  I fucking love this song.

2.  The McCoys  “Hang on Sloopy”

It’s just a really great song.  Also Sloopy is pretty hot and I’m going to need that image while cooling my heels on this goddamn island.

3.  Motorhead  “Ace of Spades”

At some point I made need to get motivated to swim for the mainland and this song might just get me there.

4.  Old 97’s  “Nashville”

Just a good song by a great band.  This one might just remind me that someone’s more fucked than me.

5.  Old 97’s  “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive”

Uh-oh, I’ve only got 10 songs and I’m already repeating bands.  Still the slow build-up on this one and the gradual descent, (ascent?), to chaos is too good to miss out on while I’m on this goddamn island.  What’s wrong with you people anyway?  Why aren’t any of you alerting the Coast Guard to my problems?  Assholes.

6.  The Gourds  “Gin & Juice”

Probably my favorite cover song of all time, and it’s so damn upbeat that my toes will be twitching in the sand.  As I slowly die of thirst.  Seriously, CALL 911 YOU DICKS!!!

7.  The Pogues  “Sally MacLennane”

I included the lyrics because no one can understand Shane McGowan.  But since no one gives a shit that I’m stuck here I guess I’ll have plenty of time to commit the lyrics to memory.  I’ll bet you guys are having another get together in LA aren’t you?  That’s OK, I’ll just drink the blood from this seagull I brained with a rock.

8.  REM w Kate Pearson  “Me in Honey”

Because that guitar riff gets me every time and because Kate Pearson’s voice is spectacular.

8.  Rolling Stones  “Star Star”  a/k/a “Starfucker”

There’s about a million Rolling Stones songs I would choose but in addition to being a terrific rock song and, for obvious reasons, not exactly subject to being overplayed on the radio, the lyrics are hilarious.

9.  The Ramones “Teenage Lobotomy”

As with the Stones there are any number of Ramones songs I could, and have, and will, play over and over again for roughly 2:14 at a clip, but this one serves to remind me that if I hadn’t spent so much time at Craig Nenninger’s house listening to this song and playing Dungeons & Dragons I might have some friends that would care enough that I was stuck on an island to do something about it.  Not like you; you’re just waiting for the last song and thinking of your own 10 aren’t you?  God you suck.

10.  The Supersuckers “Born With A Tail”

Might be the best rock and/or roll song ever.  Ever.  These guys were my favorite band but the original line-up fell apart and the last time I saw them I think half of the new guys were more interested in meth than music.  The lead singer/bass player was trying to hold it together with one other guy but I just found out their current tour has been canceled because he’s been diagnosed with cancer.  You can go to their web-site and donate to his fund, as I seriously doubt he has health insurance.  I mean, as long as you’re not doing anything to get me off this damn island.  It’s cool though; I’ll just start eating my toes to stay alive.IMG_4926

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Old School Zero

Alone on a desert island…

…is the only way you can get away from us kicking sand on top of the locker we shoved you in.


Okay, with much pain I have produced a list. A weird thing that happens when you make lists like these is a lot of your very favorite artists don’t make it, because as much as you love their music, no one song stands out. In no particular order:

1. “ABC”, The Jackson 5
2. “Sabotage”, The Beastie Boys
3. “You’re All I Need To Get By”, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
4. “All Down The Line”, The Rolling Stones
5. “Where The Streets Have No Name” (live version only), U2
6. “Can’t Help Myself”, The Four Tops
7. “Ball And Biscuit”, The White Stripes
8. “Our Whole Lives”, The Hold Steady
9. “Remedy”, The Black Crowes
10. “God Only Knows”, The Beach Boys


Are The Black Crowes overrated? I dunno, they never seem to be in the conversation for great bands but “Remedy” could definitely make a strong case for.


I dunno, I think they’re underrated. Everyone seems to write them off as some kind of stoner jam band, but they mix blues, country, gospel and yes, a bit of jam band stuff into a great mix. And they have great songs to boot.

King Hippo

I think they got so much shit for being overrated that they became underrated. To me, their stuff holds up much better over time than much more heralded “mainstream rock radio” stuff like Guns ‘n Roses, for example.


I love this song. One of the best things created in the last few years.

King Hippo

Definitely belongs on that “Great Side One, Track One” list from “High Fidelity.” I really enjoyed that entire album, the lads really evolved and matured as artists (though I really dig their old stuff, too). Though I always skip “Ya Hey.”

“Step” is lovely as well.


So pleased to see “Star Star” on that list. As you point out, for obvious reasons it’s a deep cut, but in a more progressive universe it would be right up there with their most popular songs.


We missed you at the get together. C’mon it’s an easy flight from Australia. Don’t tell me a delicious Langer’s pastrami doesn’t sound delicious.


A proper hamburger will do! I hope everyone had a blast.


I tried but I can’t do it. It’s like Sophie’s Choice.
I’m not sure I can do 10 albums.
I’ll try 5 albums and have immediate poster’s remorse.

Talking Heads: Fear of Music.
Laurie Anderson: Mr. Heartbreak.
Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street.
Static-X: Wisconsin Death Trip.
Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City.

Oh god, there’s no Ministry or Slayer or Pink Floyd. I can’t do this!


Sophie’s Choice was an over-rated album.

King Hippo

That’s a great list, full of shit I hadn’t heard before. Made me think really hard about mine. So many factors. One needs contemplative music, to keep one sane, good music to die to (because hey, DESERT FUCKING ISLAND), and even a dark bastard like me needs a few peppy sing-alongs to keep my spirits up.

So, in no particular order…

1 Emily Haines, “Winning” (must be THIS version, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard recorded, by an impossibly beautiful woman wearing sweatpants, to boot):

2) The Doors, “The End”

3) Cracker, “Take Me Down to the Infirmary”

4) The Gaslight Anthem, “Old White Lincoln” (a/k/a “the hipster’s mating call”)

5) Cat Power, “Wild is the Wind”

6) Soundgarden, “Slaves and Bulldozers”

7) Phosphorescent, “Wolves”

8) Joy Division, “Digital”

9) Mazzy Star, “Flowers in December”

10) Cake, “Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell”


Never heard “Wolves” before-I like it. Also, like everyone else as far as these lists are concerned, I looked for a song by a band that I adore and BANG! there’s Joy Division.

King Hippo

Holy Mother of Fuck, I do so love Joy Division. I heartily recommend the movies “24 Hour Party People” and “Control” for anyone with any interest in Joy Division/Ian Curtis.


24 Hour Party People is a great movie! Everyone should watch it.

King Hippo

People kinda look at you funny if/when you go around saying “Joy Division! Ya cunt!!” the next few weeks after, though.


Cracker is so under appreciated. I go all of the way back to the Camper Van Beethoven era. Nice list.

King Hippo

I made many a trip to and from home/college listening to my Kerosene Hat CD. Lost it in the divorce and re-ordered it, I missed it so much. They still put on a kickass live show, I hear tell. They played my favourite, small live venue (Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC) in January, I kick myself sometimes for not breaking reclusehood and going.


You have to shake your head when you begin wondering about the life choices a guy has made that ends with him getting stuck on a desert island.

/you’ve made your hammock, (hopefully) now sleep in it.


Did you get it at the Hammock District in 3rd?


There was a sale at HD Buttercup.


hey man instead why don’t you just tweet at the coast guard and get rescued


For real though, all ten of my songs are Africa.

Covalent Blonde

Also, Horatio, you give us much too much credit. I am guessing most of us started on our own list before even clicking this post–forget even having waited until No 10.

Covalent Blonde

Ironically Appropriate

Norma Tanega “You’re Dead”

…. You know, for when the gangrene turns to sepsis


Now you got me thinking about it. On no particular order.

1. Papa was a rolling stone – The Temptations

2. A day in the life – Beatles

3. Breed – Nirvana

4. One – Metallica

5. Divided Sky – Phish

6. Straight Outta Compton – N.W.A.

7. What’d I Say – Ray Charles

8. Cross eyed and Painless – Talking Heads

9. Dark Star – Grateful Dead

10. Hell Yes -Beck


Really hard to leave off Bowie, the Who, Wille Nelson, Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe, Primus, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muddy Waters, Jane’s Addiction, Beastie Boys, Lucious Jackson, Sonic Youth. the Beach Boys. The Ramones, Patsy Cline, White Stripes, Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin (shit) and so many more. Fuuuuuuck.

monty this seems strange to me

Hey Cuntler, I’m in Denver this week for work. Won’t have any free time but I’ll bask in the glory of being in geographical proximity to you and Moose. I probably won’t try to take your kidneys or your children.


I really don’t go out during the week anyway (old + kids in sports)., but let me know if you want any food or beer recommendations.


You took two songs by the Old 97’s and didn’t go with “Time Bomb”?

Ah, I understand, it had already been claimed by Jason Pierre-Paul.


This is awesome! I’m ashamed to admit I’m not familiar with some of these, but I’m happy to discover new/old stuff!

BTW, the get-together was awesome! A lot of fun with some really cool people.


Alternative title: Horatio’s Lonely Ice Cream Jamzzz