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Hello and welcome back to Baking with Litre III, as it seems our resident chef got a little too blazed at a concert last weekend thus you are stuck with the resident baker. I had no idea what I was going to make when I volunteered for this so I had to wait til we got our CSA allotment for the week! Football season will be here soon and I only have a couple thoughts going forward as this is a football blog-ish.

1.Cutler please sign with the lolphins after you carve the Bears from the booth week 1

2. Do NOT take Alshon in your ff league as I have purchased a Chinese knock off jersey, or conversely take him this year as he will have a huge year and then flee the Iggles.

3. Anyone who reads all of our stuff, thank you but since the season is here start chatting on the live blog. The more the merrier. Only Ballsofsteel bites if you ask him nicely.

4. I torment Mrs. Cola by quoting Tom Brady’s diet, she is a dietician and it makes her furious.

Alright it’s baking time!

Note – I have a medical card for a back injury so this is all legal on my end. Hell, the only way you can get it legally in my province is to your door by post as their are no dispensaries.

My new strain is a CBD Kush “Devon” it is 7% THC and 9.61% CBD so it is more of a body strain than mind one. I really enjoy this strain and have been waiting for my dispensary to get back into stock as you get a bit of both so my back feels good and I have a nice high where I can do things like bake! As we have learned from the Baking with Litre I, and Baking with Litre II  I really enjoy cheesecakes and cream cheese but I will not be heading down that route today. We are going to make a Canadian classic, a Saskatoon Berry Crumble that is healthier than the two previous entries! Once again I will be making 2 different crumbles one with Canna-butter and one without for Mrs.Cola as we are unsure how the whole THC in edibles to breast milk works so we are playing that one on the safe side. This is the easiest of the three recipes that I have done for DFO and since we got just under a litre of Saskatoon berries with our allotment then I thought why the hell not? This season the fruit we were supposed to be getting will be a bit on the small side due to the forest fire epidemic in our fruit growing region. The farmers have picked a bit early as it was either pick the fruit or perhaps lose it in a forest fire. I just drove from Calgary to the BC interior and we could see the fires in the mountains as we drove through the smoke. This is by far the worst I have seen in a long time.

All right, the Saskatoon berry also known as a pigeon berry (which I have never heard of) is indigenous to this neck of the woods.

From wikipedia.

As you can see this little guy doesn’t grow in a lot of places but they kind of look like blueberries but without the sweetness.

What you are going to need for this is not very extensive and substitute other berries for Saskatoons if they are not available.


2 tbs flour do not use cocaine it will turn out way different and kill the thc buzz

1 tbsp Lemon juice. Anyone else think that U2 song Lemon is the absolute worst?

1/3 cup Maple syrup. Some crumbles us white sugar with the berries, I do not like it.

1 1/2 lb of Saskatoon berries, or comparable berry, but not Marion Berry as i alluded to earlier. I had to use some raspberries to make up the weight knd of like baby powder with, well you know.


1 tsp cinnamon. Remember the cinnamon challenge? That was one of the dumbest things ever.

1/2 cup brown sugar or white. My brown sugar was rock hard….

1 1/4 cup of flour. If you have that much cocaine you shouldn’t have the munchies

1/2 cup rolled oats. Heh, rolled.

bit of salt from the Himalayas that you personally harvested yourself with a one legged sherpa.

3/4 cup unsalted butter. Here we are again, like previous episodes I am still working with the crazy strong canna-butter from my brother in law. I will only use 1/4 cup of it and then a half a cup of real butter. Chop it all up small so it isn’t a pain in the ass later while mixing. Make sure it is room temperature as it is more difficult with hard butter.

Get a pan. Grease it, I used a bit of canna-butter so that the berries get a bit of it too. Mix all of the filling ingredients and put it in the pan. See? Easy.

In a @YeahRight mixer or Jim Tomsula used Ice Cream bucket mix the ingredients while slowly adding the butter last. Your mixture should look like lumpy sand.

Then pour on the crumble on top of the berry mixture. Bake (heh) for 1 hour until brown.

How damn easy was that? Seriously I should have tried something more technical but berry crumbles are fantastic. The danger in this is twofold. First is the danger of getting the munchies, which you will. Do you know what is great when you have the munchies? Berry Crumbles. The second danger I know I will fall into. I am a picker, I pick the crust on pies, and definitely the top of the crumble. Well friends, that is where the thc is so sneaking nibbles throughout the day could either be really bad or fantastic.

NOTE: I nibbled on the wrong crumble when I got home from bartending on Friday night after smoking a relaxing J. I then was spaced as hell until 3 am watching things like this.

Next week you will be back to your regularly scheduled programming with Yeah Right providing he doesn’t make this dish and be too lethargic to do a write up. I do recommend this recipe if you plan to sit through preseason football.

Wine tip of the day. Decant all your red wine , regardless of the cost it will make it better by taking air. One exception to this rule is Pinot Noir, it is far too thin and fickle varietal. When I moved overseas I did not bring a decanter with me because that would have been really stupid. I used a juice jug for every bottle of red I drank at home. Pop the cork, pour it in the jug and then pour it back in to the bottle. It makes every wine far better and open.

A pugs best friend. Wine drinker. Loves to use the letter U behind O. Iggles fan, Fulham FC supporter. Bartend as a hobby in Canadia. One of the resident futbol freaks at the clubhouse
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Canton, Ohio hasn’t seen this much botox since….
Shit, I had something for this.


Jerrah’s last visit

Marc Trestmans Windowless Van
Marc Trestmans Windowless Van

So my dad came home last night, this morning I woke to 3 hours of steroids inflamed rants that started because the door to our kitchen was left open and the dog went in the living room last night. Like 1 hour in he realized I went to bed before him last night and there was absolutely no way it was my fault and admitted by accident he was the last one in the kitchen. I saw it in his face when he realized it, went back to saying how I do nothing for the house and I am useless.

He then asked me to run to the store to get furniture polish because that would be too much of a strain on him.


Furniture polish is some quality huffing there.

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Damn, this sounds awesome even for those of us that don’t partake. Where can one get Saskatoon berries in the states, say in the mountain west?


4. I torment Mrs. Cola by quoting Tom Brady’s diet, she is a dietician and it makes her furious.

Does it make him literally full of shit like he is metaphorically?


I want to try CBD but I have no idea where to start even though I’m not exactly lacking for options (there’s a dispensary a block and a half from me). Eh. One of these days.


Thanks for the outstanding work Brother Litre.

Firstly, the concert was well worth the partial brain damage and second, I’m working on next week’s Sunday Gravy today and it could be mind altering in it’s own right.

I appreciate you stepping in today.

King Hippo

back on topic, I would eat that entire crumble in one sitting, it looks so good. With or sans THC


I’ver never understood THC vs CBD. I just prefer to not get all paranoid.

King Hippo

I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and order a #9 Sandro shirt. He’s the best footballer I’ve ever seen.

King Hippo

Bitch set me up! #obligatory