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If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.

–Frank Zappa

Get it?

So, it probably isn’t too difficult to figure out this week’s theme.  But I’m still not telling you yet.

But here’s a “hint”.

I enjoy reading for pleasure.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to do that these days.  Hopefully soon I will again.

When I read for pleasure though, it’s generally either fiction – novels; or non-fiction – history, psychology or sometimes philosophy.  In fact I’d have to say my favorite reads would be either fiction with a historical background, or post-apocalyptic fiction.

Human behaviour interests me a great deal.  Among other things, I find it interesting to explore what the social ramifications might be if society suddenly broke down for some reason.

Other “guilty” pleasures?  Horror fiction and biographies about serial killers.

What can I say?  I’m weird that way (and a lot of other ways, too).

But there is great truth in this very famous quote….

But you wanna know something interesting?  Or at least I find it interesting…YMMV…

That’s not the original quote.  And it wasn’t Churchill who should be credited.  If Churchill really said it, and he probably did, he was influenced by this…

Pretty much the same thing, yes.  But for years I believed the quote to be Churchill’s.

I later learned otherwise.  At the Library.

This gentleman is not particularly well known I suppose.  But he should be.  Having read some of his writings semi-recently, I find his thought process very interesting.  Also rather enlightening about a great many things.  He makes you think about things.  And isn’t that the whole point?

You should go to your library and look him up.  He’s there waiting to meet you right now.

But guess what else I learned at the library?  Technically, that quote above isn’t original either.  Now, I’m not saying Santayana is a plagiarist.  He’s not.

But did you know that Edmund Burke (do you even know who he is?) said the same thing, just more awkwardly because of the circumstances/language of his time?  But that’s not really why I’m even bringing Burke into this.  The reason I bring Burke up at all is this quote….

People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous.

-Edmund Burke, October 1777

If that quote/thought/idea doesn’t make you think, especially given our current climate in the world nearly 240 years later?

Libraries, ftw.


tWBS ‘ Favorite Books

Not that you asked, LOL. (and also in no particular order)

The Art of War – Sun Tzu

If you’ve never read this book, you should.  Even though it was written with military strategy in mind (a product of the time and culture), it’s really more philosophy than war strategy.  IMHO it is an invaluable philosophical look at human behaviour.  Everyone should read this book at least once IMHO.  I’ve read it several times.  And will probably read it several more times before I die.  I always learn something anew when I re-read it.

The Stand – Stephen King

Yeah I know.  It’s become a cliché at this point.  Only it’s not.  The supernatural/horror aspect aside, it is one of the best fictional looks at how society can break down and things can go sideways really damned quickly.

The Road – Cormac McCarthy

See above, The Stand.  Same reasons.  It’s fiction, but it gives a wonderful look into how things can go even more sideways before anyone even realizes it’s happening.  Now considering the book’s subject matter, using the term “wonderful” to describe it is probably not wise of me.  But I stand by it.  But do not read this book if you’re already depressed.

The Holy Bible – Various

I know this one will surprise a great many people, as they know I am not particularly religious.  And I’m not.  But it’s not only the Bible.  I include any piece of literature which any religious group holds sacred.  The Quran.  The Torah.  Buddhavacana (which is a little more complicated, which we’re NOT going to get into here, that could take years to explain).  And many others.  But even though I’m not religious, I recognize that religion is one of the biggest influences in how people behave, especially towards one another.  Always has been.  Trust me folks, understanding the motivations of other people’s behaviours, other cultures’ motivations?  Like The Art of War, I consider it invaluable.

My guilty pleasures regarding reading are pretty simple, the results of influences I’ve already mentioned.

Most anything by Stephen King (read the short story collection Night Shift , many of which were made into feature films…but the reads are better)… I already touched on, King has become a cliché more or less these days.  But there is a reason why he is the best known fiction writer of this era.

Dean Koontz (everyone should read Odd Thomas…the sequels were OK.  But if the original doesn’t have you in tears by the end, then you have no soul)….Koontz finds little nuances in life and explores them as well as anyone.  He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if human behaviour interests you and you enjoy reading fiction, he is difficult to top.

Robin Cook (medical/science based fiction…he’s one of my favorites, Chromosome 6 being my favorite probably)….Cook was very good at getting the technical aspects of medicine/science correct, while also exploring the implications thereof.  Chromosome 6, at its core, is a medical/ethical enigma as in “Just because we can, does that mean we should?”  But it’s way more than that.  Great book from every angle, IMHO.

And many others, but that’s enough of that for now.  Let’s move along.

Smart and Sexy Sports


There’s “almost real” football to be seen tonight.  But not until late.  And there’s more to be had over the weekend.


  • Minnesota at Seattle – 10:00pmEDT – NFLN



The Dodgers continue to lay waste to everyone in their path and the AL East has more or less come down to Boston and New York.  This makes the media very happy, trust me.

But here’s what I find more interesting…

If the playoffs started today, the NL wild card teams would be Colorado and Arizona.  But that’s not the most interesting part.  Both are currently tied and hold a 4.5 game cushion in the wild card race…while at the same time, both trail the Dodgers by NINETEEN games in the NL West.  Holee Molee.

If the Dodgers continue their current pace they’ll win 116 games.  That’s only ever been done twice, and only once in the modern era (Seattle, 2001).  And they even would have a real shot at breaking that mark.

I should also point out that both teams who managed to previously win 116 games in the regular season did NOT win the World Series that year.


  • NYY at Boston – 7:00pmEDT – MLBN (regional split)
  • Seattle at Tampa Bay – 7:00pmEDT – MLBN (regional split)

Full Schedule


It’s OK Because It’s Educational


So how did the subject of libraries and books even come up?  Well, you can blame Litre-cola for this one.  This is his request, and I’m now going to do my best to shift gears and do it justice.

I hope he likes it.  I hope all of you do, as well.

FWIW, the theme is technically two different ones….Sexy Librarians and Curvy Redheads.  My attempt was make it Sexy Curvy Redheaded Librarians (Litre-cola is just as weird in the head Brocky apparently) but there is a shortage of appropriate photos, so we’re combining.



Well, this seems like a good place to stop before we end up killing Litre-cola from lack of blood to his brain.  Or he has to buy new underpants.  Or Mrs Litre walks in on him and murders him.

But go to the library.  Get a book.  Educate yourself on anything you’re interested in.  You’ll be glad you did.

Plus, Librarians are hot and you never know what might happen…..


Enjoy your weekend folks.

Love ya’s.

An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it's a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.
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the Alpha and the Amoeba
the Alpha and the Amoeba

If I may offer a dissenting opinion, Stephen King has many talents, but he cannot write a good ending to save his life. I have read a metric fuckton of fiction, and I gave up on King after reading just a few of his novels because I know a pattern when I see it. He’s a master at creating a fascinating scenario/setting and populating it with characters that you identify with and that get you invested in what’s going to happen to them, but he’s fucking useless when it comes to making good on the promises of those characters and settings and actually writing a satisfying conclusion.

Note that I am not equating happy with satisfying. I am fine with unhappy endings, but the fact of the matter is that King is the master of narrative blue balls. He will always leave you hanging.

One of my favorite original phrases is “Less satisfying than a Stephen King ending”


[…] had some educational moments, even if two of those did happen to be surfing and […]

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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