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Hi there! It is one of the few futbol fans here at the clubhouse I was voluntold to tell you a story and parse through the hate and crazyness concerning an event last week. As you probably know the USMNT is not going to the World Cup in Russia next year. During the last evening of matches for qualification in CONCACAF ( North and Central America) some of us were chatting on Slack and couldn’t believe our eyes while it was all transpiring. For the last few days I have been lurking on twitter watching as residents of the US who “do not care” about soccer complain, make fun and resign themselves to no footy next summer.

First for the uninitiated the qualification for Mexico and the US is like qualifying for FF playoffs in a 10 man league, there should be no doubt. The “hex” is the best 6 countries from the region all playoff for 3 spots and another playoff position to get to the World Cup. Canada didn’t even make the hex which is pathetic yet not unexpected. Fun fact is that more humans play teh futbol in Canada than any other sport, yet we still suck. In the “hex” were the Americans, Mexicans, Costa Ricans, Trinidad and Tobagonners?, Panamanians, and Hondurans. Four, FOUR of these countries stay alive with 3 going straight to the World Cup and another in a playoff. So as I stated earlier the Americans and Mexicans qualify EVERY TIME. Well loyal commentist if you have read this far you are going to see a roller coaster of reactions from completely rational USMNT supporters as they crashed out to Trinidad & Tobago on Tuesday evening.

The best take was Taylor Twellman.

He has passion, whereas the USMNT had none through the whole qualification process. Corpus Christi and Anaheim have the same population as Iceland who qualified. Weird pulls Taylor.

So in the true spirit of this dark timeline we march!

Very polite, measured, and keeping with the times by proposing a march yet wanting blood. I do however agree that Gulati needs to go, they need to clean the entire house.

Checkout that users name and self promotion. They mean business!

SO Bruce Arena was brought back in as the powers that be didn’t like what the Kraut Jurgen Klinsmann was selling. There were many calls for his head but he was allowed to squirm away by resigning instead of being shit canned like he should have been.

I think it is the lack of effort they displayed throughout the hex was bad but in the last match against T&T they looked slow, and not interested.

Fair, and true he has a point. Even that boy Clint Dempsey (ex Fulham) looked like he would rather be listening to me talk about my fantasy football team.

There is some humoUr in all of this which made me laugh.

Quite a few folks wanted Will Farrell to take over but really there is only one man for the job and it is Ted Lasso. If you haven’t seen the skits, they are hilarious.

Let’s get to post game reaction!

What if you live in Wichita where there are no hills?

This argument does not hold up. Unless Heyward-Bey is available.

Weird taek.


So they can’t wear them ever? No blue jeans for you Mister!

Why not one more?

Heh, Trump jokes. But wait!

This is the crux of the argument.

Look at me tying this into the NFL on this dick joke blog!

This might have been a bit of an overstatement.

The best part of all of this is that one of our media competitors paid a lot of money for this. See people, this is why DFO has no ads or commercials! We can’t afford to lose our precious shirts! If you like shirts though you can buy your HRTN gear here!

In closing, since Scotland also screwed themselves in qualifying I leave you with this.

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/clicks file, save as, names as spank bank.

Oh, the tears are so delicious.

Excellent work.


It really is something that we can’t field one fucking decent USMNT. Look at every other sport, or especially the USWNT (in spite of constantly getting shit on by U.S. Soccer and their own pro league). It’s shameful.

But the odds are looking better going forward if kids stop playing football and they realize that in the long-term there are better odds as players dealing with MLS and USF than The Shield.


Fuck Fox


Also of note, I think the US players would be instantly politicized and, shitty as they are as a national team, I think it’s better for those individuals to not have that 30 For 30 life experience.


It really is a terrible setback for US soccer — but I’m not sure just how much of a setback it is as the US doesn’t care about the men’s team and will look back at this WC the same as if we got bounced handily in the group stage.

Personally, I think we should just stop the men’s team and use USWNT as our title ix equivalent for USA Men’s Basketball (do we even got a national lady bball team?).

King Hippo

setback indicates it was otherwise moving forward

it wasn’t


Yeah that reads poorly. Point is, it’s objectively an embarrassment to not make the WC. But it’s not like making the WC is anything to celebrate. Like, in the NFL, making he playoffs is an accomplishment – even if you get killed by the Chiefs in the wildcard game.

USA was not going to make a run in the WV and was gong to have to regroup after this one anyways. Now you’ve just got more solid proof that it definitely is time to go a different direction.

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

What the heck is a USMNT? How do you pronounce that word?

What’s that you say? It’s soccer? Soccer???

You know who likes soccer? People who use the metric system like soccer. You know who used the metric system? A fellow named Hitler used the metric system, and he caused heaps of trouble. Apollo 11 used the normal system, and you can still hear Buzz calling out the altitude to Neil in feet as they landed on the moon for all mankind; Elvis Presley also enjoyed not using the metric system, and so did Vince Lombardi and every team he coached. You can look these facts up.

King Hippo

Lesser Footy is the preferred nomenclature please, Dude!!


+1 peanut butter and banana sandwich


Lombardi spoke in yards, Normal System uses feet!



Did anyone really think the US would have done well at the world cup even if they qualified? There’s no way they win, have they ever even made it out of the group stage?

King Hippo

they usually get lucky in the group stages, then get butt-hammered in the knock-out round


Typically, they make it to the round of 16, where they either play a powerhouse and lose by a goal, or they underachieve and lose to Ghana.

Up until 2 years ago, they looked like they were about to make the next step and be perennial quarter finalists. But something happened. Now there’s a gap between the old guard which was decent, the middle guard, which is awful and the new guard that is too young to do damage.

It’s a peculiar setback, but, for the purpose of CONCACAF, is kind of cool that 2 of 3 spots are no longer automatic.

Senor Weaselo

On one hand, the new guard is too young. On the other, haven’t they not made the U-23 WC/the Olympics/whichever it is in two cycles?


Excellent work! I’m still giggling with glee.

Also, thanks for leading me into the Bourniston rabbithole again!