Your “Tumble In The Jungle of the Meadowlands” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

The Astronauts did a thingy last night according to spurts pages everywhere. When do you think they’ll come back down to earth? Will Buzz Aldrin officiate at the wedding between that guy and his girliecake? How much motorboating will Verlander do this off-season? More than the usual amount? The questions are many. The answers are tedious.

Perhaps now we can engage in a real sport. Where my Church League Volleyball homies at? Saint Lucia of the Caribbean looks stacked this year!

Okay, I was actually talking about The Hockey. One may be interested in the 10-win Lightning hosting the NYR or the Blues doing the Flyers. The best game (“Northern Ontario Bias” detected…) should be the Mighty Senators (coming off an 8-3 drubbing) taking on the Red Wings.

Is there anything else that I’ve neglected to cover? Hmm… Oops! TO THE GAME!

Bills @ Jets- The Hippster (King Hippo) and I have both made passing mention of a Bills D that-right now-is a force to be reckoned with. They’re giving up an average of 16 points per game and have forced a ridiculous 13 turnovers in the last 4 tilts. Giving the ball back to an offense that loves them the ball control has paid dividends so far. Unlike in years past, the front office recognized that they needed some semblance of a play-maker at wideout and traded for The Kelvinator. (Yeah, trading away Watkins created this issue but whatever) It’s been back and forth as to whether he’ll be activated for the game,”But it ain’t that hard to throw a jump ball to a 6’5″ 240 pounder in the end zone”, says me. If the Billies get the V they are first in the AFC East again and occupy 2nd overall in the conference-second only to the Stillers. Don’t look down, Sean McDermott and them Buffalo backers out there-you might get a tad dizzy. If Alfred Hitchcock taught me anything-and he didn’t-it’s that it’s a long way down from these heights.

Do your worst in the comments.



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Down 1-0, with 8 minutes left, Lesser Footy Liouns finally stop playing the prevent and are trying to push forward. . . .

Turnover, 2-0 LF Seahawks. This was a poorly managed game.


I’m bored so, entertainment/NFL before and after?

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Senor Weaselo



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Don T



Damn quebecoise

But sure

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These Vancouver Whitecaps, I call Blowjob Betty because they are spectacularly sucking, to the delight of 65000 people.


I’m hammered & can’t find the top of this thing. Whoo-hoo!


Buddy’s first handjob?