No One’s 2017 “Chargers” Bye Week Update

There has been a fair amount of discussion so far this year of what the new name for the football team formerly residing in San Diego should be. To BOLTMAN, they will forever be the Heretics. To many on this site, various combination of Football/Shitty Clippers and LAwnmowers has been thrown around. To me, they have mostly be a cadre of swear words and various suggestions on where Dean Spanos can stick sharp/oversized objects into his person. But after much time and deliberation, there is one thing that stands above all else as the best name for this team. Something synonymous with failure, nepotism and a complete inability blind idiocy to understanding market demands. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the 2017 Bye Week Update for the…

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…Los Angeles Edsels!

A quick background for those of you that are not familiar with this piece of historical trivia. The Edsel was a car developed by the Powell Motors Ford Motor Company in the late 1950’s. Named for Henry Ford’s only “legitimate” son, Edsel, the sedan was supposed to be a revolutionary fashionable car priced so that the average American man could afford it. It was developed largely in secret, based on what marketing experts thought people wanted. The strange design scared many consumers away, while also failing to reach an affordable price point for average people to purchase. It survived only 3 years of production. Ford was so determined to make it happen during that time that they ultimately lost $350 million ($2.9 billion in modern terms) and caused the closures of many dealerships throughout the country. The Edsel was dubbed “The wrong car at the wrong time” and saw major reliability issues “ranging from faulty welding to power steering failure.” Ultimately, it was the car that nobody asked for or wanted and couldn’t afford even if they did.

After going 0-4 to start the season, the Edsel’s found themselves almost completely burred in their new, dinky home. Despite losing by less than a score in all but one of those games, two hilarious special teams blunders really continued the tone from the previous year decade and gave them the assumption that they were always in it. So just like that, they found themselves on a 3-game winning streak, with a chance to take a big step forward in the surprisingly mediocre AFC West.  And that’s when they made me do the unthinkable: root for the New England Patriots. You apparently find yourself with odd bedfellows when subscribing to the “enemy of my enemy” mindset.

Up until this point, I had maybe seen only a dozen plays run by this team all season. This is a dozen more plays than I wanted.  Viewing games or “hate-watching” in any form would bring validation to their existence, and I refused to be a part of it. But this Sunday, it was impossible to escape. Between witnessing the first half on TV and listening to the rest on the radio while driving through the belly of the beast itself, I was angry at how New England allowed them to stay in the game, but eventually realized how detached I was from any actual connection to them.  Congrats Dean. Your unbridled greedy billionaire self who thinks he’s owed more has made me borderline passive to something that has been a staple of my life. When Rivers’ final pass ended in an interception, I just muttered, “Heh, good. Fuckers,” and went about driving.

At the Bye, the Edsels are tied at 22nd for points per game with the Denver Broncos; a team without a franchise quarterback or truly serviceable running back, of which the Edsels have both. The defense is what is keeping them anywhere close to their record, allowing an average of 19 points per game and tied with the Ravens at 7th best. Joey Bosa (‘EYYYYYYY) has really come on well despite my various voodoo dolls hopes that he would regress this season as the league adjusted to him. Instead, he and Melvin Ingram have become a rather impressive duo and amount to the most (or close to) combined sacks, hurries and hits on QBs in the league. But the continued special teams play will hurt them in the best possible way.

5-11 was my opening season prediction, and based on their records and schedule at this point, I am going to adjust it only slightly: 6-10. Just enough for them to not be remotely relevant, and plenty to keep them from a top draft pick. I certainly expect them to try and make a bid for either of the two LA JV quarterbacks in this years draft (if they declare,) entirely as a marketing move to try and drum up attendance and relevance from their new smoggy home. My best possible hope is that, with his career’s window looming and no chance to win with this team, Philip Rivers demands a trade after this season and goes somewhere (anywhere!) else to give them a shot at a championship. I’m looking at you, Minnesota! Only then can I have some kind of actual rooting interest in this league that is not centered around the failure of all things Spanoi and the Los Angeles Edsels.

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers
Low Commander of the Super Soldiers
Low Commander of the Super Soldiers is a native North County San Diegan with an affinity for the Padres, beer, whiskey, punk rock, video games and the end of days. If you eat a fish taco with a fork in his presence, you may lose your hand.

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Old School Zero

If this Edsel was a transformer it would turn into an expired box of Trojans because it’s way past its prime and nobody gives a fuck.


It isn’t right to name this team after the Edsel. While the car was a total failure, and had serious quality issues, it also had a number of advanced features that would soon be standard or mandatory. Like, child safety locks in the rear, seat belts as standard and not an add on, and warning lights for oil.

This team offers no such possible advances. Additionally, everyone knew that the team would be an unpopular failure in their new market, with the possible exception of the Spanoi.



comment image?


I imagine this is the look Rivers has as he passes a kid with a full diaper back to “the missus.”


I’ll just stack my kids in the back as shock absorption in case something happen, and if something happens I’ll just have more kids!


“Child safety locks in the rear? PASS!”

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A southern Californian with more money than productive years left ahead of him looking for a new home you say?

comment image


Los Angeles Edsels?
comment image
As LCSS commands it, so let it be done!


To many on this site, various combination of Football/Shitty Clippers and LAwnmowers has been thrown around…

Philip Rivers threw in his own suggestion, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

/they will always be #TARPIT to me
//well, not always – I am assuming they will ditch LA in about five years.



comment image


I had to scroll down a bit, but this is what I was waiting for.

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

I can’t root for the Edsels mostly out of sympathy for the San Diego fans (like yourself) who truly got burned. But I did see a game at Stubhub! That’s was only for scientific purposes though. I wore black so I wouldn’t blend in with any fan bases. I did get to see Jay Cutler get sacked about ten feet away from me, even though I didn’t know it was him at the time. Anyway, I still think the Edsels can be the angriest team in the NFL because they have no real home, and therefore the most dangerous team. This could happen. Of course they could also become the angriest, most dangerous team in the NFL that loses by one point every game, that’s a possibility. Or they could just not give a shit anymore. I hope not. I want to see them play angry and mean, full of hatred for life itself.


So like a DFO team?

Horatio Cornblower

If you want to a new name for the San Diego team, and you want that name to stick, that name had better start with “London”


If the Edsels ever did move back to San Diego (instead of London, their rightful home), what percentage of the old Chargers faithful would take them back?


If they draft either of the LA JV QBs, they will be set for a future of failure.