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An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it’s a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.

It’s been “interesting” around DFO this week.  Now that we’re transitioning into the offseason, everyone seems like they’re in a rather weird mood.

King Hippo  was a little pissed off earlier this week, as were a lot of us.  Though our resident Iggles and P*ts fans (you jerks know who you are!!!) seem perfectly fine this week.

At least the rest of us have the Awards Show Season to look forward to as MakeItSnow  reminded us.  I fully expect In Search of a Goddess  to get snubbed again, but at least we got renewed foar a second season.  Which also kicked off earlier this week.  Which means we also contributed to the weirdness factor, I suppose.

But hey, we’re trying our best to keep up with BeastmodeAteMyBaby.  But that dude is a weirdness machine (no pun intended).  If you haven’t started reading Prisoners on the Pleasure Planet  yet, well then shame on you.  Go do it right now.  That is something you don’t wanna be missing out on.

Litre_Cola continued his peek into the world of QB weirdness as well.  Again, if you haven’t been reading it then you should feel shame.

TheMaestro’s weirdness can’t be denied, of course.  IT’S RIGHT THERE IN THE TITLE FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!!!!!!!

(Get it?  For PETE’S  sake?  Screw you guys, that was funny.)

*sigh*  OK, where was I?  Oh, right…

BeerGuyRob  continued showing us the weirdness which comes alive when rabid fans become disappointed fans.

And of course Blaxabbath’s Quotables  is always  a staple of weirdness.  Though admittedly we all contribute to the weirdness on that one so I’m not denigrating him  on this one necessarily.  As far as he knows.

Heck, even PickettsCharge couldn’t resist getting in on the weirdness earlier today.  And we’re all happy for that.

IMHO however, the weirdness highlight of the week was BallsofSteelandFury’s  peek into the AVN Awards.  I generally don’t care for the awards shows truth be told.  But somehow I think that would be an “interesting” one to attend live.  Balls actually has  attended it live in the past.  And no, I’m not telling on him here.  He’s already told you that himself.  Pay attention, would ya????  Las Vegas?  The Riviera?  Any of that ring a bell?

Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at here is that I figured with all of the weirdness already in the clubhouse this week, maybe it would be a good idea if I backed things back a notch tonight and lowered the weirdness factor just a little bit.

Then I decided….. FUCK THAT!!!!!


I’ll be right back after I’m done LMFAO’ing.  Here, listen to this until I get back…

Disclaimer:  I didn’t know much about sex dolls because I neither now, nor have I ever, owned one.  Nor do I ever plan to.  Stop looking at me like that, I’m serious.  Thusly, I had to do some research for this.  I’ll be deleting my browser history as soon as this post is finished.

That being said, I learned a lot.  More than I wanted to actually.  My point is that I’m going to try to stay away from waxing philosophic on either the pro or con side of the various issues.  Because like anything in life, there are debatable issues involved with this.  Whether it be the objectifying of other human beings as nothing more than sex objects (most often women but not always), or even pedophilia.  Yes, there are folks who are proponents of giving “child” sex dolls to pedophiles in an attempt to help them control their urges.

Like I said, I’m going nowhere near that stuff.  And yes, I really do need to remember to delete my browser history.


Also, it’s probably pretty wise to presume that any links I drop from this point forward could be NSFW.  If it’s not a SFW embedded image, then caution and discretion are your friend.

A Brief History

The subject of Sex Dolls had come up (giggity) in discussion a time or two in passing, in one form or another, among some of our DFOers recently.  So I figured…why not?

But it is true that for as long as there have been humans walking the Earth, there have been humans looking to try to bang someone.  If a “someone” isn’t always readily available, then sometimes, for some folks, then a “something” has to do.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out….

Now I can’t necessarily say for certain what her intent was in making this.  And I can’t imagine a burlap penis feels very good.  But she did  give it a penis, sooooo….yeah.

In more modern times, we’re all probably at least somewhat familiar with the blow up Sex Doll.  I suppose it’s probably the best known version of a Sex Doll.  And it can also be an endless source of comedy…

But the bottom line is there really is an extensive history when it comes to Sex Dolls.  And rather than try to outline it all I’m just going to drop this image for the brief history.  Then we’ll move on to current day.

More Bang For Your Buck

(Why yes, I am  rather proud of that one…why do you ask?)

These days, with improving technologies, the Sex Doll has become…well…let’s say improved.  The advent of rubber and/or silicone molding has made them at least more lifelike.  And the choices are many and varied as well.  There are dolls available in traditional female body form, of course.  But also male and transgender as well.  Also, if one doesn’t wish for a full size doll, there are “minis” as well as just heads or torsos available.  Yes, I’m quite serious.

Now when I say that these are now “at least more lifelike”, what I mean is improvement over the blowup dolls.  If one wishes to have a “companion” which at best looks drugged and catatonic (and some do as we know…looking at you Bill Cosby) then that’s fine.  Here’s a sampling of SFW images of dolls available from this company (link is NSFW)…

These particular dolls are available in different sizes, and the prices range up to about about $1,500ish depending upon the accessories added (vaginal/anal warmers, vaginal/anal vibrators, etc).  And I’m afraid I can’t show any images of the male dolls from this particular site, because they’ve all got their penises hanging out.  But here’s a SFW image of one from another place…

So as I said, better than the old comedy blow up dolls, but still fairly creepy.

But the big movement now is the interactive AI dolls.  They’re still pretty creepy looking IMHO.  But as robotics improves, eventually I suspect they’ll get those kinks worked out, no pun intended.  And as AI technology improves then who knows where this might lead as far as the degree of them being lifelike.  This company in Spain is one of the leaders in the industry currently…

(This video is technically SFW but it won’t sound like it to anyone nearby….turn your sounds down if you’re at work)

And here’s this one from another company.  Getting better…

So, as I said…if that’s what someone is into, the technology is improving.  As it improves more… and it will because there is a market for it …then costs will also drop.

That being said, personally…well never mind.  I said I wasn’t going to wax philosophic pro or con.  And it would sound as if I’m being judgemental, which would not be my intention.  But for me personally at least, I can’t imagine ever being satisfied with this sort of interaction.  Give me a real live woman or nothing.


Right now, let’s take a break, cleanse our palate with some music, and when we come back I’ll tell you the real reason I even broached this subject tonight.

AI Robots I WOULD Mortgage My House Foar

OK, all of that up there was just a way to get to here.  Which is to talk about HBO’s Westworld.  I don’t wish to, and will not, go too in depth here and give any spoilers to any of you who have not watched it yet.  But IMHO it’s one of the best shows HBO has put on the air in a while.  Season Two will begin in the next few months.  If you haven’t watched Season One, you have time to binge it before Season Two begins.

It’s more or less set in a vague future.  It’s a theme park, with a wild west theme.  Some of the “people” within this park are not human.  They are artificial.  But in this fictional world, the AI and biomechanics are so advanced that one cannot tell the difference.  Not even the artificials themselves know they aren’t really human.

Well…..usually.  That’s where the fun comes in.

Anytime any “being” is that advanced, glitches happen.  This is also true in real humans in real life, btw.  It’s not a coincidence that we, as humans, as a species, have so many issues with behaviour.  The “wiring” and “chemistry” becomes so complicated that problems can’t help but to arise.

But I’m getting off track here.

FWIW, if the subject of advancing AI interests you, I highly recommend this show.  It delves very much into the age old question of “Just because we can…does that mean we should?”  But it’s so much more than that.

The show is very well written, and very well acted by a wonderful cast.

Here’s a Season One Trailer…

But our purpose here tonight is the Sexy aspect, so let’s get to it, shall we?


Actress: Angela Sarafyan

Born: 30 June, 1983 (34yo), Yerevan, Armenia



Actress: Shannon Woodward

Born: 17 December, 1984 (33yo), Phoenix, AZ



Actress: Tessa Thompson

Born: 3 October, 1983 (34yo), Los Angeles, CA



Actress: Thandie Newton

Born: 6 November, 1972 (45yo), London, UK



Actress: Evan Rachel Wood

Born: 7 September, 1987 (30yo), Raleigh, NC

She seems fun.

And Now Foar Teh Ladies’ Amusements



Actor: Jimmi Simpson

Born: 21 November, 1975 (42yo), Hackettstown, NJ

Yep, Liam McPoyle himself is the leading man in Westworld.  Dude is one hell of an actor.  Seriously.




Actor: Luke Hemsworth

Born: 5 November, 1980 (37yo), Melbourne, Australia



Actor: James Marsden

Born: 18 September, 1973 (44yo), Stillwater, OK

Wow.  If only I was gay…Ooooof.

And while I won’t give spoilers, the character of Teddy is…well, let’s just say it’s interesting.  Poor guy.  LMFAO.

I’d Buy That For A Doll(ar)

OK, so how should we end this?  Like you even have to ask???

If they ever get a “Katya” version up (phrasing) and running?  Now that I’d buy.

Have a weird weekend, folks.

Love ya’s.

Do you have a “request” or an idea for a future TGISF theme?  Drop me a line…

An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it's a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.
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