Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Red Beans and Rice. Ya’ hear?

yeah right

yeah right

yeah right is a lifelong Vikings fan. Loves to cook but doesn’t plate. Loves to drink but hates hangovers. Loves to read. Has no regrets.
yeah right

Good morning all!

Nice of you to drop by.

Been watching any pre-season football? Yeah, I know it’s week 1 of the pre-season but some of the starters have been playing almost the whole 1st quarter! That means shit’s getting close to REAL.

Know what else is cool as shit? I just bought a new 65″ 4K TV and have the picture mode dialed in perfectly for football and lemme tell ya that shit is fucking INCREDIBLE. Plus it looks like Directv ironed out their issues with CBS so the season is about to blast off for real with zero interruptions.

I can’t wait for crushing disappointment!

As this season of Sunday Gravy winds down – only 3 more to go after today – I thought I would once again get back to my Southern roots and bring you a goddamn show-stopper. We’re gonna make some red beans and rice.

Boy howdy!

You regular readers know that if you were to take all of the Southern dishes I’ve made over the past several years that you could open up your very own soul food restaurant.

This one today though is special.

Red beans and rice is a staple recipe for Creole/Cajun cuisine along with jambalaya.

Jambalaya recipe right here.

If you want to be taken seriously as a Southern/Creole/Cajun cook your ass better be able to make a serious jambalaya dish as well as red beans and rice. That’s the very shit you will be measured against and you won’t be taken serious until you can nail both recipes.

This baby today? This shit is “competition level” red beans and rice and I will fucking proudly stand by that claim. I’ll take the Pepsi fucking Challenge any damn day of the week with this one. Think you make a decent batch yourself? Then bring your ass to Casa right in El Segundo, CA and we will throw down proper.

Ya hear?

One thing that really makes this recipe special?

That’s some homemade chicken stock. That’s a difference maker right there.

We talk often about menu inspiration on this here Sunday Gravy thing and you know how this meal came about?

I had leftover parsley from this meal.

That’s last week’s shrimp scampi.

One of the things I’m really focusing on this year is reducing food waste so my brain did the math and came up with “parsley plus mire poix plus bone-in chicken thighs plus a couple of hours of cooking = homemade chicken stock.”

Yep that’s my fucking brain at work.

The next idea was “Hey? If we had homemade stock and some leftover onion and celery from the stock preparation we’re well on our way to some gatdamn red beans and rice.”

I didn’t say it had to make sense that’s just how loopy my goddamn brain is.

The stock is simple; 6-8 cups of water, about 4-6 bone-in chicken thighs, 1 onion, 4 stalks of celery, 2 carrots, some minced garlic, some leftover parsley, fresh thyme is nice but you can use dried, bay leaves, salt and pepper, some sage and let it simmer in a stock pot for about 2-3 hours. Strain.

Boom! Stock! Makes about 7 cups of stock.

By the way that’s also a kickass chicken soup recipe for when the weather cools off.

Hell man, make some chicken salad or a chicken burrito or a chicken wrap from the cooked chicken thighs. That’s good meat!

Let’s look at the photo again.

The label says “Chicken stock, 3 cups” and has it’s “born-on” date. That’s because I store the stock in the freezer and it’s a good idea to know how much stock is in there, prior to defrosting. Yes, I really do label my containers with duct tape that’s been written on by a sharpie.

Stock pre-made, inspiration divulged, now let’s do this fucker!

Red Beans and Rice!

1 pound of red beans soaked overnight

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 onion chopped

1 green bell pepper de-seeded and chopped

3 stalks of celery chopped

5-6 cloves of garlic chopped

3 cups of homemade chicken stock

3 cups of water

Couple of bay leaves

1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1/4 teaspoon of sage

1 teaspoon of dried thyme

1 teaspoon of essence or creole seasoning of choice – essence here

1 pound of sausage – if you can get andouille get it but I used kielbasa for this cuz I can’t get andouille

Some cooked rice

Plenty of Louisiana hot sauce of choice.

Let’s get after this humdinger!

First thing to do is rinse and sort through the red beans.

Why do we sort through again class?

That’s a pinto bean in a bag of red beans. It wouldn’t be a problem in the cooking but I often find small rocks in the beans and that would be a fucking problem.

Rinse the beans thoroughly and soak overnight in a big pot covered with a bunch of water.

It will indeed impart a lovely reddish hue to the water that you will dump right down the goddamn drain the next day. That water did it’s job.

Now drain them beans and give another quick rinse.

Just a quick note here: this dish is very simple to prepare and if the steps are followed it is just fucking delicious.

Now let’s get to chopping up our “trinity.”

I know we’ve discussed the “trinity” of Cajun/Creole cooking before but it’s celery, onion and bell pepper while a mire poix is celery, onion and carrot. The “trinity” is the base of pretty much all Creole/Cajun cooking.

Chop that stuff up.

Get a good size Dutch oven over a medium heat and then add in the olive oil. When the oil is hot add in the “trinity” to saute.

Cook down for about 5 minutes, then add in the garlic just until the garlic is aromatic.

Next we’re going to add in the soaked beans, the chicken stock and the 3 cups of water along with our spices.

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to “LOW”, cover with a lid and let simmer for two and a half hours stirring occasionally. When the beans have cooked for the allotted time we’re going to mash or blend about half of the cooked beans.

You already know how I blended mine.

I broke out “The Boomstick!”

Please note that you don’t want to go overboard with the mashing. These fucking beans have been soaked overnight and have now cooked for 2 and 1/2 hours so it’s easy to liquify the everloving shit out of ’em. We do want the presence of whole beans but this step makes the beans creamier.

Return the beans to the heat and let’s get to the sausage proceedings.

We start with our old friend “Farmer John!”

Or as Vin Scully used to say on every Dodgers radio broadcast since I was born, “Farmer John! The Eastern most in quality and the Western most in flavor!”

If you can’t locate the andouille sausage, again, as I can’t here in L.A. use your preferred kielbasa or smoked sausage of choice.

Let’s go ahead and cut that sausage up into chunks.

Then into the pot the sausage chunks will go. This will now cook on low for an additional 30 minutes. This is important because we want the sausage to release some of its fat to season the pot-o-beans.

Thirty minutes later and you’ve got this going on.

Give a taste and season to your liking with salt and pepper if needed, and them beans are ready.

Since we’re making red beans “and rice” guess what you need to do next?

Make some motherfucking rice is what. I trust you can handle this step.

If you want to just stop here you can. Just scoop some rice in a bowl.

Ladle on your beans.

Now the most important step.

You MUST add some Louisiana style hot sauce. You must! Even if you think it’s too spicy, you have to have that little acidic vinegar thing, it’s vital. Now if it’s me? I’m going this way.

I’m a fan of the Red Rooster sauce. The reason I brought out the Frank’s too is we were running critically low on the Red Rooster so I brought out the backup.

Yeah, I guess it’s pretty fucking obvious that I made cornbread too.

These two items are like an old married couple. Both think they’re more important than the other but each realizes they are the sum of their parts.

How many times have I given this cornbread recipe?

A metric fuckton that’s how many.

Here you go.

That’s from this post.

You should all know the drill by now.

You mix your dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl.

Combine without over mixing, grease a cooking vessel, heat up the oven to 400 degrees and cook for 25 minutes giving you this beautiful creation.

That’s the ticket. Just straight up cornbread this time, no added cheese or jalapeno or whole kernel corn, we want the red beans and rice to be the star of this show.

Speaking of which.

Let’s get a closer look at the beans to give you an idea of just how much hot sauce I put on there.

A lot! Yes I garnished mine with some parsley.

Now let’s get a peek-a-loo at that cornbread.

Oh my!

Now proper eatin’ technique requires you to eat your cornbread over your beans to catch any crumbs.

Taste that? It’s spicy, it’s creamy, it’s got a roundness from the “trinity.” It’s got that vinegar bite from the hot sauce, the spiced porkiness from the sausage and then there’s the cornbread. Shit man, this stuff is fantastic! The “rice and gravy” thing we’ve covered already but this is leveled UP!

I had a former girlfriend who was from Louisiana and I’ll tell ya she made a fucking kickass batch of red beans and rice. Legit. I told her that I too made a mean batch but she didn’t take me serious until I cooked it for her.

After sampling my recipe all she said was “Fuck you.”

I laughed.

Y’all about ready to open up a New Orleans style eatery? Work on this one first, then your jambalaya and start from there. Think of it as perfecting your rice and beans if you’re opening a Mexican restaurant because nobody will trust you if you can’t do the staples.

Super easy and tasty as fuck.

Give ‘er a try.

Thanks for stoppin’ by good people of DFO! And enjoy your preseason football.

The shit is getting real close.



yeah right
yeah right
yeah right is a lifelong Vikings fan. Loves to cook but doesn't plate. Loves to drink but hates hangovers. Loves to read. Has no regrets.
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Thank you for your service.


It’s a testament to my carb craving (which I think is partly due to one of my prescriptions) that the tastiest looking thing in the banner is the garlic bread.

But holy shit, that all looks good.

Game Time Decision

Tl;dr. Cornbread


Fuck me. You’re right. Of course that makes much more sense, although my favorite cajun place was with an Italian accent so they had … tl;dr I’m dumb and should’ve RTFA before posting.


Anybody got a gazpacho recipe/technique/advice?


Step 1) Buy a tomato.
Step 2) Show up at yeahright’s house
Step 3) Throw the tomato at yeahright and demand gazpacho


“Gauzemacho? Advice-wise we’d suggest not making it at all. That’s one of our Executive Order-mandated triggers. KIDDING! (seriously, we’re not kidding. Don’t make spazgaucho)”


Senor Weaselo

In football news, Catanzaroooooooo retires so that way he didn’t get cut.

King Hippo


Don T

I’ll take the Pepsi fucking Challenge any damn day of the week with this one. Think you make a decent batch yourself? Then bring your ass to Casa right in El Segundo, CA and we will throw down proper.

Challenge accepted. Hope stores near ya sell recao
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King Hippo

Chelsea are BUTTTTTT

King Hippo

United…still a shambles at the back.

King Hippo

Luke Shaw might be a bit past it, but you have to admit he’s got decent tits.


Wife was recently ‘unfriended’ by a longtime buddy on the Facebook (I know, I know). The reason? We recently built a house on a piece of property and while we were both at work the friend was conducting tours of the place without our knowledge. My wife found out and blew a gasket, of course. The friend is exasperated and can’t understand why all the drama. (she’s had some mental health issues for quite some time, but still…) People-I don’t like them.

King Hippo

ppl are just a bad, bad idea


For what purpose? Was the friend one of the contractors/architects/decorators on your house, trying to show off her work? Not that it would excuse it. Was she trying to pass it off as her own to people she wanted to impress?

Or was it just “hey, look at this cool house my friends built!” (In which case, I don’t know who’s weirder, her, or the people who went on the tour.)


Maybe she told everyone it was David Boreanaz’s house


The friend had squirrels running around in her head. She listened to them.


“And here is the sex dungeon….”


The combination was 1-2-3-4. How she cracked that? I’ve no idea.*

*after a series of attempted break-ins at the warehouse back in the day my dad had a security system installed. I shit you not-1-2-3-4 was the password required to get into the building.


“That’s the kind of code an idiot would have on his luggage!”


I worked at a zoo as a kid where they would give everyone individual gate codes to get in. They never gave me one but it turns out 1-2-3-4 actually worked just fine


And that was how I met you mother the llama


Think you make a decent batch yourself? Then bring your ass to Casa right in El Segundo, CA and we will throw down proper.

Sure, but when I show up at people’s houses unannounced I get thrown in jail.


When you said “throw down proper” I thought you were talking about Donovan McNabb.

(was it McNabb who was notorious for thowing balls into the turf? Or am I thinking of someone else?)


On purpose?


I find masking tape to be way better for labeling things, because it doesn’t leave a residue and you can write on it with a pen.


/watching Strasbourgh/FC Metz

Good to see that soccer players are beginning to adopt that gesture when a guy misses a free throw. Fella misses a free kick by a mile and gets one of those ‘hey, good work out there’ semi high fives from a teammate.


When you said “getting a semi from a teammate” I was like “is it intramural season for the frats already?”

King Hippo

Obligatory Frank Lampard is a cunt shout.


All this talk of tv’s makes me want to buy one. I don’t need one but I haven’t bought a shiny thing for myself in quite some time. And I’ve been a very good boy.

King Hippo

my dumb kids being out of the house means I get to use the downstairs teevee again, which I think has them “smart” features, so maybe I can stream the extra BeIn matches.

Game Time Decision

We bought a streaming thingy to go with our older but still 1080p TV. A Nvidia shield*. Then plugged that into the receiver as another source so we can still watch cable and DVD through the same setup. And then just go download the app for whatever you want. Just an idea.

* not a sponsored post


I appreciate your “input”.

Game Time Decision

I’m also stoooooooopid cheap, so anything to save money. The streaming thing isn’t that much money


Cooking question: I don’t have the pallet for when to add salt. My wife is always dousing whatever I cook with salt.

Frankly, I don’t see how a pinch of the stuff means anything to a pot of soup or like an entire batch of cookies. But some people swear lime, “throw in a little salt” and I don’t get it. What clues am I looking for; other than, “it’s not too salty yet”?


[smothers yeah right with pillow]

I hope you’re using sea salt, btw. Salt rounds/brings out other flavours. When you add it, it’s not to “salt it up”, it’s to create a balance. Was your wife’s mother a good cook? Perhaps she just likes the taste of salt. It took me a while to get my kids off the ‘add ketchup to everything’ train and the ‘it’s a steak, it needs steak sauce’ way of thinking. (wifey is still of that opinion)

edit-kosher salt is also acceptable


(extremely Neil DeGrasse Tyson voice)
All salt is sea salt. Even salt that is mined from the earth previously came from the seas.
(seriously, I’m paraphrasing an actual tweet of his. Dude makes me go “mmm, that’s a little pedantic”)

For 99% of applications, salt is salt, ultimately. I defy anyone to taste a bowl of soup and declare “aha! This was made with Himalyan pink salt!” But I use kosher or other coarse salt because it’s less concentrated and therefore more forgiving of errors. And now, of course, I’m used to using it and have to guess more if I’m stuck using fine salt.


Do you have Netflix? Watch Samin Nosrat’s thing on salt (from the Salt Fat Acid Heat bit); it might help. And it’s very soothing.

King Hippo

Stupid Wolves fucking me in the tipping pool. Should have factored in the Europa hangover effect.


SonOfSPam should really become a professional gambler in ALL sports.

King Hippo

Anyone who doubts the theory of evolution has obviously never seen a Barcodes’ crowd shot.


Pretty empty at ole St. James park.

King Hippo

fan boycott, apparently. Maybe they go back down, after all. Them, Saints, Villa. SORTED.


HIPPO 2020! He has the ideas I can get behind!

King Hippo

Lesser Horatios 1, Lesser WCS’ nil. I hope the Stillers have similar form this fall.


At what point in your soccer-watching career did you stop giggling at the short form of Arsenal (ARS) in the top left corner of the tv screen? Because I’m not even close to being there yet.

King Hippo





Wife and I need to buy a tv for the new house. I happened to peek around them at Costco and am officially overwhelmed. Besides “right size for the room” what are we using to grade TVs these days?


We went with price and “smartness”? For instance for me if DAZN was not available on it, I was not buying. We got a Samsung because when the machines take over it is important our phones, tv, tablets all know where we are to kill us.

King Hippo

I think all of mines are Samsung. They makes a good teevee box.


We keep getting Samsungs.


And what should we have to wash it all down? How about a nice glass of Cucumber Soda? Yummy!


It’ll make you cuke.