♫…He Spent a Summer By My Side…♫

...But He Was Gone When Autumn Came!  As has been widely reported, Robert Griffin III has been placed on Injured Reserve following the Browns' first game of the season, a 29-10 loss to the Eagles.  Griffin has a fractured coracoid bone in his left shoulder; he could be finished for the

CFL Beat: Week 3

I have tickets to the REDBLACKS home opener this Friday, and I have to say that I really, really miss live football. It's gonna be really nice to get back in the swing of things so that I can be practised up properly for the fall. Anyways, enough yammering! WEEK 2

French Jay Cutler Goes On Strike!

Not Pictured: The Mouse Toy He Brings on International Travel

/long pull on a skinny and extremely noxious cigarette Bon jour, sports fans of questionable culture. I av called you here today to say, c'est tout. I av ad eet with this, how do you say, bullsheet. As ov right now, I am on strike. /drinks a small and bitter cafe noisette, ashes his