The Dak Prescott School of Maturity: Chapter 1

INT. TRAIN STATION - DAY Three young men carrying luggage are standing in a dimly lit train station. They are gathered around a brick pillar on a platform between two sets of rail lines.    ANTONIO BROWN: No, see, it's just like in the stories.  You gotta run straight through it. ELI MANNING:

Your “Late Sunday Game, Yes You Have to Watch” NFL-ish SNF Open Thread

How's THAT for a freaking title?  Short....sort of.  To the point....mostly.  I was pretty impressed. Apparently I was the only one.  OK. How'd I end up here tonight, typey typey-ing?  Waxing neither syphilitic.....errrrrr philosophic, nor poetic...bcuz I iz stupid n junk....but like seriously, how'd I end up here? SCOTCHNAUT!!!!!!!!!!! already knew the answer. 

Your Late Afternoon Trifecta Of NFL Games

Mia/Sea-Arian Foster has looked fantastic in pre-season for the Dolphs but the Seahawks will be interlocking their arms for peace? justice? hope? I don't think it's been thought through-how the hell can anyone catch a fish that's thrown their way as happens on a regular basis in that city? Prediction?