Goddess II – Episode 13



An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it’s a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.

She was stretched out as far as her legs could go and there were tongues all over her body.  One on her left nipple and one on her right.  Another was licking her clit while yet another was tonguing her asshole  Balls was kissing her as the others did their work.

As her body trembled, she managed to say the words, “Balls, NOW!”  Dutifully, he pulled it out, shoved two of the girls aside, and entered her.  The vibrating cock ring did its job and soon Vanessa was a gushing quaking happy mess.

Leticia and tWBS were speechless.

tWBS:  What the fuck did we get ourselves into?!?

Leticia:  I don’t know, but I’m next!

tWBS:  You ready for this?

Leticia:  I think so.  You?

tWBS:  I think so…


The evening had started innocently enough.  As innocently as an evening can start after aggravated assault.  The Porn Camera Guy had been carried by Porn Microphone Guy to the nearest hospital.  When the doctor asked what had happened, they, smartly, answered that he had walked into a wall.

The doctor knew enough to leave the lie alone.  You don’t survive in Vegas long by asking a lot of questions.  At least you didn’t in the old days and the doctor on duty had lived in Vegas since Sinatra was headlining the Sahara. He stitched him up, set the broken nose right, and sent him on his way.  The Porn guys found the nearest entrance to the 15 and headed south.

In the meantime, Balls was holding a cast meeting in the living room and setting up the film:

Act 1 (The Dirty Maids)

Act 2 (The Dueling Real Estate Agents)

Act 3 (The Open House)

Veronica Rodriguez:  Wait a second!  Why the fuck am I a maid?!?  That’s some racist shit!

Balls:  Huh, ummm…  I think that’s a typo. Yeah, here it is!  It’s really Kimmy that’s supposed to be the maid!

Veronica:  Yeah, I THOUGHT SO!

Balls:  Um, Riley, you’re in as a maid too.

Riley:  No prob!

Balls:  Kayden, you will be the real estate agent for the buyers

Kayden:  Sweet!  I’ve already got my outfit ready!

Balls:  And Nicole, you’ll be the real estate agent for the sellers.

Nicole:  Got it, huevos!

Balls:  That’s…ok, never mind. Blair, you and Veronica are the owners trying to sell the property because you are headed for divorce.

Blair: Yeah, ok.

Veronica:  Damn right I’m the owner!  Make sure the script says I was the one that cheated on her.

Balls:  Si, Vero.  No te preocupes.

Dillion Harper:  What about us?


Remy LaCroix:  Yeah!  And don’t fucking have me doing a hula hoop, ok?  I don’t want to be typecast!

Balls:  No, no! Never! (strikes through writing on script):  You two are the… potential buyers!

Vanessa:  Wait, didn’t you say we were going to be the potential buyers?

Balls:  Yes, baby!  You are!  There will be a bidding war and the sellers will be trying very hard to convince each potential buying group in the best way they can…

Leticia:  Uh, what now?


After the parts had been assigned and the general idea of the way the scenes would flow was sketched out, Balls and tWBS conferred about how to shoot the scenes.

tWBS:  What do ya think?

Balls:  You’re the cinematographer.  Have at it.  Use your phone too.  I think it has all those fancy settings, right?

tWBS:  You don’t know shit about photography, do you?

Balls:  Nope, but I’m going to be holding the boom while directing, so I need you to be on your game.  The success of all of this depends on you.

tWBS (gulps):  Eh, you can count on me!

Vanessa:  Baby, where do you want us?

Balls:  Sweetie, while the professionals are working, would you mind assisting us with the directing and shooting?

Vanessa:  You got it!


The beginning scene went off without a hitch. Kimmy and Riley were bored cleaning the place in preparation for the Big Open House.  Everything was clean except themselves.  This, of course, meant only one thing:  SHOWER SCENE!

Balls:  Now, ladies, I know most of the time the water is cold as the steam messes with the equipment.  I’m not going to do that.  I want you as comfy and relaxed as possible.  Set the water to your desired temperature and we’ll adjust.

With this one gesture, Balls instantly won the professionals over.  They trusted his instincts and their hesitations evaporated.  They fully gave themselves to their roles.

The shower scene was followed by the owners of the property arriving early to make sure everything was ok.  As, thanks to Kimmy and Riley, it was, they had nothing to do but reminisce about their relationship and why it failed.  The deep emotional discussion caused Blair and Veronica to reconsider their feelings for each other and their desire to split up. Maybe one last fling?  Fuck and yes.

Not wanting to disturb the pristine state of the place, the owners pulled their wand mount out of the closet and set it on top of the shag carpet.

They set the speed to High and, in the immortal words of Trevor Denman, “And away they go…”

The mood was sensual.  Balls had set the thermostat high on purpose and the steam from the shower had escaped into the rest of the suite.  It was hot and wet and sticky.  Just like Balls liked it.

Vanessa (to Leticia):  Are you getting turned on?

Leticia (pointing at her erect nipples):  What do you think?

Vanessa:  Yum.  Me too.  I have to say, Balls really knows what he’s doing…

As Blair straddled the wand mount and Veronica pumped her from behind with the pink strap-on, Vanessa whispered something into Balls’ ear.  He raised an eyebrow, smiled, and nodded.

After the orgasm, it was time for the real estate agent scene.  First, Nicole appeared in the front door.  Seeing no one, she took a seat on the sofa.  Shortly thereafter, Kayden appeared and joined her.  They proceeded to converse about the commissions they stood to make from this deal, assuming they could pull it off.  They vowed to work together so it would be mutually beneficial to both.  Instead of a handshake, they sealed the deal with a kiss.  And a strip.  And a lick.  And a double-headed purple dildo nicknamed Barney.

Vanessa and Leticia were getting really excited now.  They went into the other room to put on the lingerie they had purchased.

In the meantime, Balls and tWBS were handling the behind-the-scenes with German precision, sans the poop.   First, the maids came in from the bathroom and the owners came in from the bedroom and met the real estate agents in the living room.  Then, Dillion and Remy came in to take a look at the property.  They were at first hesitant, but then, as they were starting to be “convinced”, Balls pulled a surprise on the cast and had Vanessa and him come in as new potential buyers.  Leticia took the boom.

Vanessa:  Excuse, is this still an OPEN House?  Do you take all comers?

Everyone got naked.

After Vanessa came, it was Leticia’s turn to join in.  She was another potential buyer, and her boyfriend was due to arrive later. A challenge was set by the owners: The first buyer to squirt would get the property!

The girls were split up amongst the four potential lady buyers, the maids on Vanessa, the owners on Leticia, and the real estate agents on Remy and Dillion.  Soon, Leticia was in a position similar to that which Vanessa was in earlier.

Leticia:  tWBS!  GET IN HERE!!

tWBS looked at Balls, who nodded.  He handed the camera duties to Balls and went in.  Literally.

It only took moments, but Leticia exploded in delight as Vanessa had before her.  In the context of the movie, she had won the property.  The others applauded as she lay panting on the ground.

Balls:  Okay, ladies!  Excellent job!  Now we have one last scene to film!  It’s going to take a bit of setup, so let’s take 15.


The ending scene was inspired by the Andy Sidaris movies in that everyone in the film gets together for a drink at the end to wrap up the storyline and celebrate.  This quickly turned into an all-girl naked daisy chain.  Vanessa was on one end and Leticia on the other.  Balls and tWBS manned the cameras and mic and captured as many angles as possible.  Finally, with most of the footage filmed, they set up a long shot and entered the fray parallel to their respective mates.

Balls was balls deep in Vanessa with Blair licking both of them while they themselves licked Remy.  tWBS was in Leticia while Veronica licked them both and they licked Kayden.

The cameras ran out of battery yet the entire group kept going. Something unexpected, however, occurred.  Vanessa and Leticia disappeared into another room.  Before they left, Leticia whispered in tWBS’s ear, “Tell Balls that Vanessa and I want you guys to fuck them all.”

tWBS:  Are you serious?

Leticia:  Yes.  Do it.  NOW.

They did.


An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it's a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.
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This seems maybe like something that didn’t actually happen.

Horatio Cornblower

This seems like something that was filmed in the Niagara Falls area.


If this erection lasts longer than 4 hours it is going to be tough to make it to the pub for futbol.

Game Time Decision

You know, FOXDFO turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.


Riley cools off after

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I will never get sick of this.