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An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it’s a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles.When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.

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…About this…

Sort of.

This one is a little different than our normal 25 Questions format, so pay attention.

While any and all you are more than welcome to answer these questions regarding yourselves and your own Las Vegas experiences, and I think we’d all enjoy it if you would….

This one is actually aimed at BallsofSteelandFury and also myself.  For your entertainment needs.  That’s how much we love you.

Thus in addition to answering for yourselves if and where you’re willing, feel free to answer whichever questions grab your attention in the following manner regarding which of us, Balls or myself if either , you believe has done any these things.  Your choices are simple…

  • Balls
  • tWBS
  • Both
  • Neither

FWIW, Balls and I probably do know some of these answers about one another, though not all.  Later today/tonight, either in the comments or more likely as a post update, Balls and I both will answer each question for ourselves and share with the class.  Also, I have it on good authority that you might be getting some additional information regarding some of these things around 8pmEST on Friday evening.  Hint hint.

Also, for the purposes of this post, these are ONLY questions about things which have happened in or around Las Vegas.

Sooooooo on that note….let’s begin…


1) Have you ever gotten into an altercation which became a physical fight? (tWBS )

2) Have you ever been arrested? (Neither )

3) Have you ever stolen a mounted LVPD officer’s horse? (tWBS* – technically, yes…but there’s a story here I’ll share eventually )

4) Have you ever ogled naked women while your family watched? (Balls )

5) Have you ever been to a strip club? (Both )

6) Have you ever received “extras” at a strip club? (Balls )

7) Have you ever seen a dead body at a strip club? (Balls )

8) Have you ever been so happy about casino winnings that you bent your “companion” over the table and spanked him/her in full view of everyone? (tWBS – Again, there’s a story here I’ll share eventually, but some of you guys might know her better by her fictional name…Leticia )

9) Have you ever ended up in “casino jail” even just briefly? (Neither )

10) Have you ever won a “jackpot” on a slot machine? (Balls )

11) Have you ever crashed your car on (or around) the Hoover Dam because you weren’t paying close enough attention to traffic while receiving oral sex? (tWBS – again…story, share, later )

12) Have you ever paid for sex with an escort? (Balls* – in a legal brothel )

13) Have you ever paid for sex with more than one escort at the same time? (Neither )

14) Have you ever had sex with more than one escort at the same time and NOT paid for it? (Balls )

15) Have you ever picked up a cocktail waitress (or other hotel/casino staff) and gotten lucky the “old fashioned way”? (tWBS )

16) Have you ever been so tired and/or so drunk that you fell asleep in the suite Jacuzzi? (Both )

17) Did you wake up, proceed to have sex in said Jacuzzi, and then order room service? (tWBS )

18) Has LVPD ever been sent to your hotel suite, even if only by mistake? (tWBS )

19) Have you ever seen anyone have sex with anything that isn’t human, paid or otherwise? (tWBS – remember those old 1 liter soda bottles with the widemouth? Lonely(?) and/or insane(!) guy, on the strip, in public. ‘Nuff said about that. )

20) Have you ever stayed at a high roller suite? (Balls )

21) Have you ever cheated at any casino game? (Balls – you bad, bad boy )

22) Have you ever been accused of cheating at any casino game? (tWBS )

23) Have you ever given a false name to authorities (including those inside a casino)?  (Neither – tWBS: Full disclaimer…I did once tell them someone I was with was my wife. She wasn’t. )

24) Have you ever orgasmed and/or gave someone an orgasm at a club surrounded by hundreds of people? (Balls )

25) Have you ever almost ended up in airport jail for telling TSA at McCarran Int’l Airport what a bunch of dumbfucks they are? (tWBS )

26) Do you think everyone is now afraid to ever go to Las Vegas with BallsofSteel and/or tWBS? (Duh )


Wow….sooooo many things left out.  We didn’t  even talk about drugs and guns.  This could have easily been a 50 Questions  without too much effort.

But it is what it is, so okie doke then.  There you have it.  Please choose wisely.

(I suspect I’ll eventually regret this post)

((meh…it’s what you don’t do…etc, etc))

UPDATE #1 [2:30pmDFO]

For our two participants who went all in on answering the full quiz, we want to recognize you.

FWIW, I (tWBS) graded your papers and I am lazy.  Thus there was no partial/half credit given if you guessed one or the other of us and it was both, nor vice versa.  Sorry.  But both of you did hit several half credits, and would have done better if I was dedicated enough to keep up with that and add it all up.

Conversely, everyone gets credit for #26 as a bonus.  Be afraid.

But as it is, these are your scores:

BrettFavresColonoscopy:  11/25 (44%)

NoMonkeyFun:  8/25 (32%)

I suppose this is a good thing, as you guys seem to think Balls and I are better people than we really are.

UPDATE #2 [3:52pmDFO]

Full answers provided now, inserted (giggity) above with the corresponding questions.

An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it's a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.
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Senor Weaselo

…Which one of you is older, so I know how much time I have to do ANY of this shit?


We’re roughly the same age. TWBS has me by like a year and a half.


I demand partial credit for the ones one of you did. Or both when I said one of you. Also please send me a new onion for my belt.


Re: 3 and 25. In my defense I forgot about white privlege.


3) Word of advice from someone who is (a) an absolute introvert and is slowly this’d by the Vegas glitz…

comment image

and, (b) has been so many times that I am all Vegas’d out (also, see a, above): Do not fuck with Vegas cops. They’re on their shit because they get everyone is just partying and kinda being dumb so they don’t fret over small shit. Just don’t do anything to warrant their attention because if they’re dealing with you, you deserve it.

Also, be prudent about lighting up the LEGALIZED 420 on the strip. They have a ‘not in public’ rule that is pretty tough to avoid but they still don’t stand for you just standing in front of the Bellagio burning down some green wolf.

Just my $0.02….

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

8) Have you ever been so happy about casino winnings that you bent your “companion” over the table and spanked him/her in full view of everyone?

tWBS, and my therapist says I’ve made good strides in recovering from last year.


Hey, you made it awkward with the boner.


Sadly just #5 for me, unless you count going to the movies, then also #4.

I saw “The Kids are Alright” with my Mom. That was a mistake, but Julianne Moore can bring it.

comment image


I would to hear answers (from anyone) about #12; specifically, how much did you pay and what did you get for that money? Doing research for a, um, let’s say “book” or something.


Hypothetically, you could spend 325-350 loonies, so like 200 American, for an hour and have a date with someone that would put most models to shame and where most, if not all, things are on the table.


Other than #5, I have done none of these, which is leading me to reevaluate my life and possibly begin a midlife crisis tonight.

On the other hand, I believe Seamus and Balls have done each of these things multiple times with each other present.


I think we need a #27: Have you ever made a bet for a team to make a playoffs when they were less than 40% to make them and won? Or Have you ever bet on a long shot to go far in the playoffs and won? For the former, this could amusing to bet on a team like the Dolphins, who have less than 2% to make the playoffs. For the latter, this could a worth while venture as World Cup ’18 is on the horizon. Picking a team like Egypt (300:1) or a defensively strong Costa Rican side (+20000) could be a thrill. Though, it’d be best to wait until after the groups have been designated on 12/1


The DFO crew at the sports book is fucking frightening


I can vouch for that.


I picked the Dilfer-led Ravens in preseason to win the Superb Owl at 35-1 (for $20). So that was good.

Had the exact same bet on the Vikings when Gary Anderson pulled a Norwood. So that was bad.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Marinelli

This is the only sort of bet I’d make as I have zero interest in gambling.


If we extend our scope beyond Vegas, 11 are a yes. I think I’ll be OK when Captain Trips inevitably arrives.


Personally speaking yes to 4,5,6,10,12 and 13. No to the rest.

I really need to step up my Vegas game.

monty this seems strange to me

re: #’s 12-14, pretty presumptuous of you to limit the question to female escorts IMO.


1. both
2. both
3. neither
4. both
5. no shit. both
6. twbs
7. both
8. balls
9. both
10. neither
11. twbs
12. both
13. twbs
14. balls
15. balls
16. both
17. oddly specific question, but twbs
18. both
19. both
20. neither
21. twbs
22. both
23. both
24. balls
25. fozz
26. everyone except Hippo


1) tWBS
2) tWBS
3) tWBS
4) both
5) both
6) both
7) neither
8) balls
9) tWBS
10) tWBS
11) both
12) neither
13) neither
14) balls
15) both
16) both
17) tWBS
18) both
19) balls
20) tWBS
21) neither
22) tWBS
23) both
24) balls
25) tWBS
26) Low Commander

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

comment image



A question regarding #19.

When you say not human, are you only including living creatures? Or are you including inanimate objects?


Some very hard choices