NFL Coaching Carousel Special

That's a funny word.  Carousel.  Seriously, look at it, it's weird.... Carousel. Meh.  Whatever. Coaches be gettin' fired.  Coaches be gettin' rumored.  Let's get up to date, Shall we? Carousel?  CAROUSEL!!!!!! No Hard feelings guys, but GTFO. - Who's Out? LA Rams - Jeff Fisher - Here, have a contract extension.....PSYCHE!!!!!!  Bye Jeff.         Jacksonville Jaguras - Gus Bradley -

Your Fired!

It's no secret that this NFL season has been generally unappealing. Through seven weeks, twelve teams have winning records (and five of those teams are undefeated) and a majority of the division races are pretty much over. Sunday and Monday Night Football programming has actually provided a pretty decent product -- including the Seahawks