Instant Reaction to New Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy

Banner Image Via NBC Sports Yesterday, the Chicago Bears announced the hiring of erstwhile Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy as the 16th head coach in franchise history. GM Ryan Pace, recent recipient of a largely undeserved 2 year contract extension, worked harder than Ernie Accorsi in picking a winner

Get Out Alive: Elevator Jam

Look, I'm two grand-plus deep into my dog having recent health issues including an enormous lump on his back that came out of nowhere for which I am awaiting biopsy results. Worse yet, spending two days at the vet last week (after their first shot at 'take this antibiotic' put

49ers Player Non-Retirement News

Aldon Smith pulled off a criminal hat trick last night: DUI, hit and run, vandalism. What an asshole. h/t WWL:

While You Were Drinking

While the majority of folks here have been nursing weekend long hangovers due to #07/31 the world kept going and the NFL kept moving. So here is a little primer to catch up everyone who is crawling out of a bottle on what has happened. Ravens: While you were drinking the Ravens