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Balls already banged out this week’s edition of 25 Questions About… but this is a special BONUS edition since the Hall of Fame Game is today, it rhymes, it usually sucks, but at least it’s football!  Stand by for cromulent musings on the game itself from other DFOers, but for now, I have some questions:

1) Did you know the NFL has been playing the Hall of Fame Game since 1962 (which apparently included the Cardinals)?

2) How does that make any sense if the first Hall of Fame inductee class was in 1963?

Photo Credit: Pro Football Hall of Fame

3) Can I start abbreviating Hall of Fame as HOF for the rest of this post?

4)Is the preferred abbreviation HOF or HoF?

5) Who gives a fuck?

6) Did you know that last season’s Paint-ghazi cancellation was not the first cancellation in HoF game history?

7) What’s a lamer excuse for a cancellation, a lockout that was already fucking over or paint?

8) Did you know the 1980 HoF game between the then-San Diego Chargers (sorry, LCSS) and the Green Bay Packers ended early in a 0-0 tie due to lightning?

9) Was that because BOLTMAN was pissed that the Raiders and Rams each had a nominee that year but the Chargers didn’t?

10) Either way, the lightning had to make Boltman tumescent, right?

Tumescence not pictured                            Original art by makeitsnow

11)Did you know that they allegedly try to choose the teams playing in the HoF game based on ties to prominent members of that year’s draft class?

12) Was picking the Cowboys a deliberate “Fuck You” to Terrell Owens?

13) What team do you really associate Terrell Owens with anyway, the 49ers when he was really good (and the Bears decided not to cover him), the Cowboys when he was just an asshole, and the Eagles when he was doing sit-ups in his driveway?

14) Back to this year’s HoF game and induction, who is going to get more slobbering during the broadcast, Jerry Jones or Kurt Warner?

15) Leaving aside the Ray Guy punter stuff, did you know that Morten Andersen (to be inducted this year) will be the fourth placekicker in the HoF, and that includes George Blanda and a guy named Lou Groza that also played tackle?

Looks about the same age as Geogre Blanda today           Photo Credit:

16) Would you be surprised if I told you the [REDACTEDS] have the most HoF game wins and are undefeated at 6-0?

17) How happy do you think it makes Dan Snyder to make his season ticket holders pay for this pre-season game so often and not have to pay to operate the home stadium?

18) Does anyone like that fucking guy?

Picture taken from but obviously property of Comedy Central

19) Would you be surprised in the slightest to learn that the Dolphins and the Bills are the most futile HoF game participants, both with 0-4 records?

20) How are the Bears undefeated (5-0) in HoF game play?

21) Anyone else ever suffer through a shitty Bears pre-season made worse by idiots “reminding” you that the 1985 Bears went 1-3 in the preseason?

22) Do those fat fucking mouthbreathing fucks think anyone gives a fuck?

23) Isn’t pre-season the football the worst?

24) But it’s still football, and we’re all going to watch, right?




BFC is a Chicago native transplanted to our nation’s capital and transplanted again to the mountain West. He enjoys football, whisky, and the oxford comma.
BFC is a Chicago native transplanted to our nation's capital and transplanted again to the mountain West. He enjoys football, whisky, and the oxford comma.

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21) Yep.
/punches wall


WYTS has just gotten sad.


so this masterful website still exists


Love that the title of OSZ’s art masterpiece is slenderbolt.bmp

Old School Zero

I’d love to take credit… Actually, maybe I will since neither make it snow nor I are around much these days.

Yeah. I did that. All humor and glory from it is intentional and due to me. Not make it snow, who never existed anyway. It was all me.


1) 1962? So this was when the Cardinals were still in Chicago?

14) Jerry Jones, literally and figuratively.

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24) Nope. I feel like this is where I deplane, because I couldn’t give less of a fuck about football. I hate the NFL, NCAA, owners, players union, and pretty much everything about the sport. I’m just here for the dick jokes and because you guys are kinda, sorta closer to me than most people I see in person.


But the liveblogs are where we share our BEST dick jokes!


You’re pretty good at Quotables.

Invite your friends!

Don T

You’re a hell of a guy. Very glad you’re here man.


Trump set to take 17-day vacation to New Jersey golf resort

On one hand: Good. Less time for him to fuck our shit up.

On the other: The last time a President took a long vacation, 9/11 happened.

Don T

And OF COURSE I’M FACKIN EXCITED!! No more attention for real life crap.* It’s football season dammit!

*Provided Marcus Mariota is not injured by Week 4.

Don T

Say what you will about T.O., but his Superb Owl appearance was downright meastly. From John Clayton:
comment image

Full thing:


It’s funny I never thought of Owens as the bad guy on the Eagles. He was right he was the real reason why they were able to make it as far as they did

Don T

T.O. walked the walk with the Eagles in his first season. Because of that, I have zero problems with him.


Well, David Johnson’s 2017-18 season, it was fun while it lasted.

Good thing we re-signed Chris Johnson again!


Someday I’m going to a Request Line with Chris Johnson as the host and a theme of “CJ2K’s (Behind the Line of Scrimmage) Dance Party!”

Enrico Pallazzo

My [*Redacteds] are unstoppable in Canton. It’s too bad that they are easily stopped in every other city.


The Bureau of Indian Affairs approves this message


“We have bigly support from many Indian tribes in favor of DAPL. In fact, we just got a letter from the Washington [*Redacteds] that they support ALL our environmental regulation rollbacks.”


This 25 Questions did not devolve into a discussion of sexual deviance.

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