Your 2018-19 NHL Eastern Conference Preview

Hi, I'm Beerguyrob. As I am Canadian, I am more than qualified to rant about the upcoming NHL season. Y'know, that sport which occupies the dead zone between NFL broadcasts which isn't basketball. I'll leave it to Forbes to argue about the relative valuation of each team. The NHL has been

Your “Just Missed a Two For One Deal” Monday Evening Thread

Hooray for stock images! But damn woodball P*ts. Could've had ourselves some potential high-quality schadenfreudes if things worked out nicely. Plural. Instead of potentially one. Well, for me at least. Ah well. To the news. NFL News Gasp, no Dreamboat at P*ts OTAs, whatever shall happen? Also Julio Jones and Aaron Donald for

Your “Nope, I Was Wrong” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Today is slower than yesterday. NFL News: Mike Tomlin is not a fan of touchdown celebrations. This is apparently news. Given how many timeouts he has to waste on extra points, I can see why. He wouldn't have that problem if he had Hue Jackson's team. Michael Bennett turned himself in