Russia 2018–World Cup Day 5: Navigating Monday

Dodging work on Monday is especially difícil.  FFS, I actually have a conference call scheduled for this afternoon.  I for reals have to talk to other carbon-based life forms on the fucking phone, during the World Cup.  SIGH.  First World problemos.  Anyway, above is Tunisian Kenza Fourati, because reasons ok! Group F -

Historical Badasses: Jean-Pierre Hallet

Have you ever fought Nazis? No, probably not. What about crocodiles, lions or leopards? Probably not those either. Have you ever blown yourself up with TNT and lived to tell the tale? What about delivering over 500 babies? What about learning 19 different languages? Yup, Jean-Pierre Hallet did all of

UEFA Euros Preview – Belgium

As the above-pictured Romelu Lukaku (Everton WOO!!!!) goal may remind you, Belgium are the side that took out los Estados Unidos in the Round of Sixteen at the 2014 World Cup (aka, the last time fellow Evertonian Tim Howard wasn't a sack of monkeyshit). Unlike his Cutler-sulky Blues teammate