Instant Hippo Thoughts

"OW MY HEAD!" "UGH, MY STOMACH!" "YIKES,  MY BALLS!" These may be some of the thoughts going through Hippo's head today as he is under the weather and has requested assistance in fulfilling his weekly report to you fine folks. Now,  granted,  I do not speak hillbilly although I can understand it. Thus,  you

Your “But You Said I Could…” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News:   The Patriots are being investigated over Patrick Chung's concussion in Sunday's loss to the Swags. He was initially cleared on the sidelines, but after the half was removed from the game for further checks. The League & union are investigating if all the proper protocols were followed. Jameis

Your Regular Season Eve Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: When asked about Le'Veon Bell's continued absence, Big Ben found the first bus he could: "Football is the ultimate team sport. One person doesn't make or break you. I'd like to say that the linemen are more important than any skill position player, including myself. This offense is