Other Reasons Jon Gruden Will Cut a Player

Photo Credit: NBC Sports As our own Mr. Weasel pointed out last night, Jon Gruden cut* Raiders punter Marquette King for either a desire to avoid personal foul penalties (a category the Raiders tend to finish high in no matter who their punter is), to send a message that showboating (or

The Commissioner Calls a Meeting

Banner Image via   Thank you all for coming on such short notice. With the conference championships upon us this weekend, this meeting had to happen at once. I think we all know that this has been an extraordinarily exciting post-season. Comebacks and rallies and heartbreak and a quarterback throwing a touchdown


  Scene: Exterior, late morning on a crisp, unseasonably warm December day in DC. An exciting weekend of football has been completed, as long as you can find "excitement" in missed field goals/extra points, a snowy Bears-49ers game that saw two NFL teams fail to complete a pass in the first quarter

Aldon Smith Appeals His Suspension

INT. DAYTIME - ROGER GOODELL'S OFFICE ROGER GOODELL - the NFL commissioner - sits behind a desk shrouded with a dark sheet. ALDON SMITH enters the office. ROGER: Hi Aldon. Thanks for coming in. As you know, the commissioner's office has been looking over your appeal to your suspension. ALDON: I appreciate you