25 Questions About…


Now, you non-Spanish speakers may not understand the picture I just showed you.  It is, ostensibly, a movie poster for a film called The ChickenFucker.  No, this is not the South Park episode,

this is something else entirely.  Live action.  Apparently.  I know I have questions.  You may too:

1- Is the most disturbing thing about this picture the fact that he is wearing those sandals?

2- Did you know that “el folla gallinas” can be translated as both “the henfucker” and “he fucks hens”?

3- You didn’t think you could get that quality double-entendre out of a chickenfucker flick, didya?

4- Is that a black fanny pack?

5- Do you think he actually puts on condoms and keeps them in the fanny pack just in case he runs across a random chicken crossing the road?

6- Doesn’t that give a whole new meaning to the joke “Why does the chicken cross the road?”

7- Would the new punchline be, “To get away from the Chickenfucker”?

8- This can’t possibly be real, can it?

9- Are you as afraid as me to do an Internet search to see if this thing is real?

10- Are “Atila”, “Madona”, “Pitchula”, and “Tara” the names of the hens?

11- Do you think they go around the country feature dancing at various clubs?

12- Is that why the Spearmint Rhino is named after an animal?

13- Is there a secret strip club chickenfucking cabal?

14- Do you think the Illuminati are all chickenfuckers?

15- That would kinda make sense, no?

16- Is this why the Illuminati doesn’t want to let Donald Trump in even though he is, gulp, the “leader of the free world”?

17- No way The Donald has fucked a chicken, right?

18- Not with a daughter like that, amirite?

19- Isn’t she seriously the best thing about this administration?

20- Is this where Balls makes the anal sex reference in today’s 25 Questions?

21- You’d totally put it in Ivanka’s butt, wouldn’t you?

22- Do you find it funny that the “Director” of this film used the name of the richest person to die in the Titanic?

23- Maybe ole Balls is on to something about the Illuminati, isn’t he?

24- Have I said too much?

25- You really want to know who sent me this pic, don’t you?  (Hint:  It was one of YOU!)



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Should I assume this gentleman is Mr Milo?

Enrico Pallazzo

My dick and I have a long understanding that it will not go where Jared Kushner has been.


So I guess that means your dick won’t be spending any time at this establishment?

comment image


The horn riff just played in my head.


Or, even more importantly, where Donald Trump’s has festered.


Seriously, if Trump were a Democrat president, can you imagine the alt-right messaging and threats about Ivanka? If Michelle O was ashy/cromagnum/a man, then reddits about Ivanka would definitely have gang rape on the table.

Maybe that explains why Donny wants to stay on his rapist/racist base’s good side.


They already have some pretty nasty things to say about her after she went and married a Jew.



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Ahh agent Bill Hicks of the CIA controlled opposition is at it again I see shilling it up by not being a shill except shilling his dumb multi vitamins.


You boys aren’t gonna fuck them chickens are ya?


The illuminati was explained perfectly in So I married an axe murderer.
Very underated IMO

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

If he hadn’t gone on to overuse the same Scottish accent for Fat Bastard (and a modified version for Shrek), I would call it his second-best work.


Mix in a lil bit of Robin Williams and you have his character on the new gong show.

Don T

Fun Fact! Pitchula’s mom did on-set pest control for Vivid and her great-aunt was also a performer. Truly the Barrymores of livestock porn.
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“To get away from the Chickenfucker”

Holy shit, I just spit water all over my monitor LMFAO’ing at that. No lie.
Meh it needed cleaning anyway.

King Hippo

I feel slightly better about myself now.

/also, wouldn’t fuck Ivanka with a stolen dick

Dolph Ucker
Dolph Ucker

Yah… don’t do the internet search. If you have managed to save any faith in your fellow humans, it will be gone for good with a few clicks. I didn’t even know chicken fucking was a thing. I may not have sex (or eat chicken), again.

Then again, neither will this guy.

Don T

I admit it’s disgusting. But it’s hard to resist that mullet + fanny pack + Tevas combo.