Glorious, Bountiful Lesser Footy Weekend Thread

Welcome back to the full monty of Lesser Footy, no more international break silliness.  HAHAHAHAHAHA, losing at home to Trinidad and Tobago, USMNT.  Have a fucking word. It's the battle of annoying, evil arsehole red-clad sides to start things off, with semi-struggling Liverpool hosting 2nd on goal differential United (7:30, NBCSN). 

Lesser Saturday FOAR Lesser Footy

I hope you enjoyed last week's hefty smorgasbord, but the pickings are way the fuck thinner this weekend, at least the Saturday portion.  Onwards we go, nonetheless! Palace and Soton open things up (7:30, NBCSN), with the former sporting a new manager after collecting ZERO points from the first four fixtures.  Saints have

Stumbling Towards the Finish

I keep looking for stories...something, FFS.  But there's nothing.  Just Hull and Swans battling for the last life buoy.  And the play on the pitch has been reflecting such.  Some truly dire shite.  At least I have to pick up my kid from college first thing Saturday, and will only

Arise, Lesser Footy!

Welcome back for another weekend of...things.  The Darkest Timeline offers no guarantees in terms of results, nor entertainment value. We start our weekend at White Hart Lane, where "Bound FOAR 2nd" Spurs host "15th and falling but still safe" Bournemouth (7:30, NBCSN).  The Cherries failed to make much of an impression