Your “What Is Truth?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: LOL Browns! reports LB Mychal Kendricks has signed a one-year contract with the Browns. PFT reports Mychal Kendricks has not signed a one-year contract with the Browns. And Kendricks himself has this to say: Zach Miller, he of the "OH GOD...NO!! **barfs**" knee injury, has been re-signed

Your Funday Sunday Evening Open Thread It's a nice time of year up in Vancouver. It's not exactly sunny all the time, but it occasionally does stop raining. The proximity of the local ski hills means that after they are closed, I can drive up to the base & take the dogs along the trails for

Your “No, No…Stop. No Fighting…” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

(banner pic courtesy bostonmagazine) NFL Notes: As expected, the 2018 NFL Schedule Release Presented by Verizon will be Thursday evening at 8:00 PM ET Yes - that's what they're calling it. Because, you see, in the NFL, everything is marketable.   The internet is stirring the pot of dissension in New England, on