TGISF…aka Your “Happy Birthday ‘Murrica” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Can't fool you guys, you're too smart.  Yep, it's Independence Day weekend.  Uncle Sam might not officially turn 241 until Tuesday, but we're celebrating the whole damned weekend. So find your beverage of choice, grab your flag (I said FLAG!!!!!!)....and let's do this. Sexy, Patriotic, Red, White and Blue Girls is the

Historical Badasses: Henry Knox

Canadians don't get to talk about American military history enough. It's a shame, too, because there's a lot of it there - schoolchildren get to talk about the world wars and Native rebellions quite a bit, but there's only one high-school course available in Ontario on American history. All the

Commentist Beer Barrel: Breakfast of Champions

You can probably use your fingers to count the genuinely distinctive beer styles invented here in the United States, even if you're Jim Abbott. American brewers have shown a terrific facility for re-invention, for better (American IPAs!) and worse (the "great pilsner taste" of Miller Lite!). New ideas are fewer and farther