TGISF… AKA Your “Insert Witty Halloween Sex Pun Here” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Yep, it's Halloween again.  Almost, anyway.  So of course this week is an easy choice. It's the 2nd Annual TGISF Halloween Sexy!!!!!!!! (yes, we had a birthday a few weeks I get to call everything "2nd Annual " any damned time I want to...get over it) So let's have a party!!!!!   We'll have

TGISF… AKA “Can We Leave The Lights On This Time?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Boo!!!!!!!!! Yeah, today is Friday, October 13th. Why are we superstitious about Friday the 13th, anyway?  I'm really not, to be honest.  Though I probably should be. Little known fact.... I got married to my ex-wife on a Friday the 13th.  And considering how much of a horror show that turned out be? Honestly though,

Your “You Know What Time It Is And You Want Me To Do What?” Open Thread

As you are reading this, it is 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning on the West Coast. No one should be up this early to do anything unless they are completely naked and they have someone else of like mind lying next to them. I hope you are one of those lucky

25 Questions About…

This: Now, you non-Spanish speakers may not understand the picture I just showed you.  It is, ostensibly, a movie poster for a film called The ChickenFucker.  No, this is not the South Park episode, this is something else entirely.  Live action.  Apparently.  I know I have questions.  You may too: 1- Is the

Your Half-assed 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers Season Preview

So, this feels appropriate.  Originally, WCS was going to write the bulk of this preview while I, the "recovering" Steelers fan was going to add in some comic relief and rejoice in the fact that I don't give a fuck if Ben dies on the field or not, if Mike

Continued RIP

There is no lesser footy, talk amongst yourselves.  I am not doing well with this, and celebrity deaths generally have zero effect on me.  Obama will be the next one that hits so absurdly hard. Last performance of the song that introduced me to Soundgarden (thanks again, WKNC 88.1):

TGISF…aka Your “Post-Valentine’s Day Sexy” Sexy Friday Open Thread

So, Valentine's Day has come and gone.  And you, gentle kommentists, thought you were in the clear. You did the dinner or the flowers or the candy or the whatever it is your girl loves.  Or maybe you did all those things, you lover boy you.  And your girl was looking

Celebrity Superb Owl Picks: Sean Spicer

COWARDLY MEDIA WHORE TRADING JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY FOR ACCESS: Good evening, and welcome to CNN. Tonight, we turn to a somewhat lighter topic than normal: picking the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl. With us tonight is professional faux-liberal doormat Alan  Colmes... COLMES: Thank you. I'm just so happy to be... WHORE: And

TGISF…aka “All You Need is Glove” Sexy Friday Open Thread

(apologies to Lennon and McCartney for that one) Yep, I'm back. /everyone groans Even though thanks to a snowstorm I technically never left.  But still, I haven't seen you folks since last year.  Seriously. First and foremost.....Many thanks to my good friend ballsofsteelandfury for filling in for me last week. I'm sorry, that was mean.