Tales from the Meteor! The Stefonimatrix

Editor’s Note: here at DFO, many of us are not satisfied with the Super Bowl matchup. For some of us, this is because we hate both teams at a level that rivals God's apparent hatred for the Cleveland Browns. For others, our seething hatred of one team is more than

Historical Badasses: Harald Wartooth

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Peter Freuchen, Danish explorer, author, and political activist; this week, we're featuring one of the men whose legends perhaps inspired Freuchen to be the incredible man he turned out to be. This week's badass may or may not have actually existed,

The Bridge Over the River Kwater

In the past, Mike Zimmer’s high regard for discipline had been a byword in various parts of Minnesota and Ohio. In 2016 it was once again in evidence, in Charlotte, during the disaster which followed the injury to Adrian Peterson. When orders came through from team headquarters to give up the

Roger Goodell Visits BIRDMURDERDOME

If you were most of America on Sunday afternoon, you were subject to Packers at Vikings on Fox. While it was one of the few Week 11 games that provided results that were important to the final division/conference standings, unless you were a fan of college football stadiums, the Joe Buck/Troy Aikman broadcast

Vikings Bye Week Update. At the Quarter Mark.

Well sir. This feels about right. A nice mediocre .500 start and the Vikings appear to be gaining some traction. I refuse to acknowledge the opening late night game because it didn't happen. I like to think that the Vikings all spent the night before partying West Coast style and the

Minnesota Vikings preview: winter is almost over

Narrator: Chief Long Suffering For thousands of years my people have dwelled on this land. It is a powerful land. It is full of the spirits that have been a part of our lives since the beginning. It can at times be joyful and life sustaining and it can also be