Despite Worrying Preseason, Mike Zimmer ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ in Press Conference

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer did not conduct a press conference on Tuesday in which he attempted to sound a note of optimism after what has been a disappointing performance by Minnesota's starters in the preseason. "I think we have reason to feel good," said Zimmer, despite the evidence of

Your “All About That (In)Action, Boss!”” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Tracy Porter has been waived by the Bears. Backup QB news: Matt McGloin has been signed by the Eagles T.J. Yates has been signed by the Bills. The Bills also signed Ian Seau, the undrafted free-agent nephew of Junior and proof the Spanos family wouldn't know a good PR

New DFO Addition!

We at DFO are incredibly pleased to have scored a major coup!  We've been working hard to give you the best #content on the NFL, cooking, and anal sex this side of the Internet and we are proud to present to you the newest member of our team.  It was

Celebrity Superb Owl Picks: Sean Spicer

COWARDLY MEDIA WHORE TRADING JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY FOR ACCESS: Good evening, and welcome to CNN. Tonight, we turn to a somewhat lighter topic than normal: picking the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl. With us tonight is professional faux-liberal doormat Alan  Colmes... COLMES: Thank you. I'm just so happy to be... WHORE: And

Chip Kelly Calls a Press Conference

INTERIOR – 49ERS PRACTICE FACILITY - SANTA CLARA, CA [A group of reporters are seated around a podium, chatting among themselves. A large figure enters the room and slowly waddles up to the microphone.] Chip Kelly: Thank you all for gathering here today. I know that there have been a lot of

A Breaking Announcement

Now, I could be down in Pittsburgh with the Yinzbergians. ::Crown Groans:: Or giving a stump speech in Cincinnati, oh-Hi-Oh. ::Crowd Groans Louder:: I've even been approached to come down to give a speech and...AND...accept the key to the city, from the people of CLEVELAND. ::Crowd Boos:: Because they think that, just because they vote before you, that

Superbowl #Content from Ben Blank, Uproxx Chief Creative Officer

I'm not here to talk about that thing that's happening over the weekend. I'm here to talk about #content and #branding! That's what we're really  interested in. People love #content, and they love #brands! Are you #upforwhatever? Here at Uproxx, we sure are! Whatever the cost, whatever it takes! Readers don't

Candy is Dandy but Zimmer is Grimmer in Prognosticating Press Conference

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer today did not conduct a surprisingly candid press conference in which he spoke directly about his team's prospects for success in the coming season. "The thing is," he did not begin in answer to a general question about the Vikings' current status, "you have to