Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16 I, Kravius Kravius looked up from his lunch. Andrus, the arena manager, was standing in the doorway. He looked nervous which was entirely reasonable since he was interrupting Kravius's lunch. “Whadda you want?” Kravius was a single-minded sort whose mind was currently focused on the ingestion of several thousand calories. He

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Fifteen

The scene: The DFO clubhouse. Low Commander enters to find a banged-up Old School Zero and a disheveled Rikki-Tikki-Deadly sitting back and smoking a bowl. Low Commander: Hey, guys...what's up? OSZ (mumbling): Nng. Gnng hng nng. Low Commander (noticing OSZ's wired jaw): Whoa! What the hell happened? Rikki-Tikki-Deadly: Hey, LC! Well, I found this

Hard Ride To Nowhere: The End, No Really I Mean It This Time, Seriously, Guys, This Is It

The scene: The Door Flies Open clubhouse, where Old School Zero and Darkest Timeline Zach Morris are cleaning up the debris from Doktor Zymm's RV crashing through the wall. OSZ: Man, what a mess! I can't believe this. DTZM: Ah, what are you gonna do? It's just cool most of us are

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13 Tentacles Beneath the Sea “We're going to die!” Otto had rolled back into the cockpit when the nose of the airbus dropped towards the ocean below, and was now screaming in fear from where he had become wedged in beneath Steel's chair. “Shut up, Otto,” said Steel with a

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 Dirty Vexa, Crazy Covalent Blonde Vexa piloted her stolen pink aircar into the jungle. She maneuvered carefully through the foliage, keeping a careful eye out for her prey. She didn't like being in the midst of all this...nature. She was a being of metal and circuitry, if one discounted her

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Seven

Chapter 7 When Worlds Go Boom Five years ago Da'qot was a quiet, peaceful planet. Her people had been starfarers in the recent past, but after traveling to distant worlds and meeting new lifeforms and seeing new civilizations, they retreated back to their homeworld as fast as they could. It was