Your “Happy Louis Riel/ Family/ Islander/ Nova Scotia Heritage/ Presidents Day” Open Thread

Yes,  today is all of those things! Except in the Canadian territories because,  much like the U.S., Canada could give two shits about territories. Apparently,  also the French-speaking province of Québec and the English-speaking province of Newfoundland and Labrador don't get a holiday today. Who did they piss off? Don't answer that. Let's take them

Your Champions League Round of 16 Day 2 Open Thread

There are two more games today after yesterday's road victory pour les parisiennes at Old Trafford and the Roman home victory over the Portuguese potato ball makers. Let's get right to it: Tottenham Hotspurs v Borussia Dortmund What is a Hotspur and why does the team have a chicken on its crest? Is

AFLW Round Two 2019

This week, AFLW players went bump in the night Flags were flown and The AFLX teams were revealed! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! AFLW Round 2 Recaps Round 2 began on North American Thursday night which didn't work out too well for me to watch the game between the North Melbourne/Tasmania Kangaroos and the GWS Giants

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 4

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! This week, we saw the rest of the second bonfire, the couples went on their third dates, and we had a third bonfire. Also, Kaci is starting to regret coming to this island. Before we get to the recap, let me refresh your memories

AFLW Round One 2019

This week, We have old friends in new places Gatorade showers are fun and A High Ten is successfully executed Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! AFLW Round 1 Recaps The Round and Season started with the new Geelong Cats hosting the Collingwood Magpies at GMHBA Stadium in Geelong. This is the same stadium the men's

AVN Prédiction Results Special

The show is done, the orgies have finished, and the awards have been handed out. The pressing question inside each of your minds is, of course, how did Balls do in predicting the winners? Well, dear readers, the answer will be coming soon (seewhatididthere?) but first

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 3

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! This week, we saw the rest of the first bonfire, the couples went on their second dates, and we had a second bonfire. Also, Javen is starting to grow up. Before we get to the recap, let me refresh your memories as to what

AFL Beat Offseason Report #2 – AFLW Preview

This week, AFLX Vice-Captains were named! AFLW begins this weekend! and Our Footy Tipping Contest returns! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! AFLW TEAM PREVIEWS This weekend, (TONIGHT ACTUALLY!), the third season of AFL Women's gets underway. As you may or may not remember from the first offseason report, we have two new teams this

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 2

Welcome back! I'm renaming these recurring posts Temptation Island Talk because I'm mentally 12 years old and it's me talking about each week's episode, so SYNERGY! (May not know what synergy means.) This week, the couples went on their first dates, there was some serious DRAMA in one

Gazing Into Balls’ Crystal Balls – Superb Owl Prédiction

This is my last prediction post for the season discussing who will make the playoffs,  who won’t,  who will win,  and who won’t. As promised,  I’ve been keeping track of what I say week to week so you can call me out on any bullshit you may see. TODAY,  I’ll recap and

Your “Which Team in Liga MX Should I Adopt?” Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread

As we all know, there is only one game left in the NFL season. That means it's time to find other sports and divertissements to amuse ourselves. We've already got a healthy Premier League-loving community but those games are all but done by mid-day or mid-afternoon, depending on

Boots On The Ground: The AVN Awards Show

I've mentioned this before and this is probably not surprising to many of you,  but yes,  I, BallsofSteelAndFury, have attended the AVN Awards Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. For someone NOT in the industry,  it is as surreal as you may think. I've wanted to tell this story for a long time,